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the dragonfly & the burning light…

May 3, 2013


there comes a time when reflecting gives life to all the right of what once may have been –  and then there’s the second life – in this life as in the first you’re the one deciding everything that happens yet for many of us we feel nearly helpless in getting there even when we’ve made so many of the right decisions – and that’s because we allow ourselves to be invaded with wavering feelings when everything doesn’t connect from a to b to c in the fastest of 1-2-3 voila’ fashion – and it’s right there and then at that exact moment we must ask ourselves the most salient question –

am i headed along the path that is mine as surely as the gifts that i’ve been given by God match the light at hand as well as the light up ahead? – that’s all that really matters and you’ll know you’re there when you are as nothing will deter you from getting there –

where the many of us trip again and again is in giving into restlessness, giving way to others’ opinions that conflict with our soul and seeing everything in the world that is not ours and will only lead to failure – what many of us are never even close to seeing is the quite precisely disconnected flow of perfecting connections that only God can lay out and that we need only follow – that’s the key – and that’s what i never realized in the younger years yet by the grace of God that’s not where i’m at now –

there’s a saying we all hear from time to time about an old friend that we may not see but every few years yet we pick up with them right where we left off as if it was only yesterday that we saw them – there’s a reason for that as those friends, those unique and best of relationships we keep for a lifetime are born of a symbiotic soul-connecting strength as if we are brothers and sisters of another mother – it’s this very same strength in these most treasured of connections that when we recognize and feel it again also allows us to instantly pick right up from where we left off in life before we gave into something far lesser – we’re not here to give in to the ways of the world in turn giving up our gifts, our loved ones and indeed our greatest daysthat’s not God’s best nor should we go on another day living a life that is not ours – give everything you have and begin again to being who you always knew you were called to be – trust in God, trust yourself and smile – from there your steps will be readily apparent – and never forget as you see it all beginning to happen that it never was a surprise, it’s not a coincidence and there’s only one eternal light to thank for it all – wishing you the life that is yours with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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