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one son’s gift for his wonderful mother…

May 7, 2013


might be a lovingly written card arriving just in time while another’s might be an outing to dine oceanside at one of the finest and most elegant of hotels and then there’s yet another that defines honor and the latter is what was shared with me in a call just this past saturday with one of my favorite friends i’ve ever had the privilege in knowing – as we come closer to sunday, the day this may we celebrate our mother’s, many of us wonder what will be the very best way to say thank you to mom for giving us your all even when you may have had nothing left – for as we all know our mothers dedicate themselves to everything in the way of bringing us up in the very best way they possibly can – they give us their love and their attention at every turn – and for this we never really can thank them enough – and then there’s my exceptional friend – for as the many of us live and prosper in relatively assured serenity safety and for some nearly perfect tranquility there’re also some who are living in an undeserved state of fear as the walls of the land they’d always known as home literally begin coming down – it’s one thing and certainly bad enough if it’d been from a natural disaster bringing them down while it’s yet another and all that more the upsetting when it’s from a necessary civil war in the noble attempt of a people to vanquish a bad leader to his inevitable and permanent appointment with darkness –

for where my friend is headed on this very day is to rescue his elderly mother from the madness of one country in getting her out and migrated to a nearby land with peace – i can’t even imagine the undertaking of carefully planned measures necessary that my friend has not only already thought out yet will most assuredly deliver as well in bringing his mother to her new home – so if it’s in your heart as i can feel from your still reading it most certainly is please keep my friend and his mother and their safe journey in your prayers in the coming days – for as we all set about living our days from the one to the next in a typically natural way half way across the world there’s a son and a mother coming together once again both giving one another their love and thanks in a fashion as never before – one’s the rescuer and one’s the rescued and both are forever the better forever more – you’re a wonderful son, a great friend and indeed a gift to all of humanity Rudy – thank you for being the brilliant light that you are – wishing all of you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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