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a traveling street party…

May 9, 2013


like maybe no other’s just underway in one of the most serene coastline settings just a short trip away and the feeling’s one of gathering excitement – traditions carry on over the years often times for very good reason and for the one of peace that comes with the thrill of seeing long lost friends as well as the speculation in making friends anew today’s a wonderful time for me – it all began decades ago when we first arrived from the north and one of my best friends kyle invited me to this now long favorite of an outing where it seems everyone you like to see and have the best of fun with all ended up in the same happy place – walking about in the most beautifully of sculpted nature as is the layout at this spectacular setting is truly breathtaking – and then there’s an endless variety of dining and thirst-friendly options to select from in quite the parading fashion all across the grounds – added to that’s what makes it all jump to life in seeing some of the finest in the world bandy about from one scene to the next swinging away most often with inspiring precision – and then there’s all of us strolling about at times in the quietest of fashion and at times with sudden outbursts of applauding affection – we head from one set of trees to the next taking it all in all the while smiling with thousands of others and then it happens

we see someone we haven’t seen in forever it seems and we both brighten up from the inside out if not just a little for many maybe a lot – for it’s our friends in life that can be just the right amount of seasoning to a day a year and even a lifetime – friends help us feel alive as much as they can draw out the best in us and for me that’s a wonderful thing – so after all these many years i say thank you to the many fine people who give us the players championship at sawgrass – what a splendid experience tpc is time and time again – wishing you all the very same happiness and God‘s every blessing


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