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a flying car and the hand in a van…

May 13, 2013


is how it came to me yesterday morning upon hearing a wonderful story of faith and result, lifesaving result – for very much in the same way i’ve come to realize some of the unseen graceful amazement that all happens in the unseen world of God’s perfect way, i heard another tell of the same in a far more astonishing manner – and as it should be my faith’s expanded even further than i had any idea that it could, and what a blessing that is – so there we were on the occasion of celebrating our mother’s when a story of exception came to life of a family returning from a gathering many years ago on the very same day – yet this is a family raised with an extraordinary love and light in and from above as they’ve led many to the passion that is the most wonderful walk we’ll ever have, the walk with God –

so there they were returning home very late one night when it happened – for an entirely inexplicable reason a car approached from behind at quite a high rate of speed and then it went – and where it went was out of control rolling and leaping into the air headed right at the family and as it should have happened in landing right on them as everything about physics said so it didn’t –

and that’s where i understood with exceptionally gratifying clarity what’s been happening to me when driving in the last many months – i’ve had a sudden sense to point in the way of approaching traffic as if they’re all eager additions to my very own personal road symphony just awaiting my lead – well now i see it for what it is – we live in a world with an array of endlessly distracting factors to the degree that it ‘s ever so critically necessary to be aware of whether others are aware of us so we might all get about to where we’re headed in one piece – and that’s led to the pointing – and it always works, always – and now i know why because it’s not me –

so there he was and even if he may not have been pointing himself he was covered just the same as they watched several thousand pounds of flying metal and glass come directly at them and then impossibly take a turn as if brushed aside by an invisible hand – and now i know that’s exactly what it was – angels as led by the ever so graceful guiding hand of God not only kept my friend and his family in pristine fashion they’ve also been driving me in perfect speed just the same – and that’s what happens when you let go, let God and set your life on the setting of Godspeed – steps become ordered, moments become treasured, days become gifts and a lifetime of purpose inspiration and delight all become yours – wishing you the very same with a life replete with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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