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then out fly the springs…

May 15, 2013


and everybody sings, sings like a bird like a bird not larry, like a bird not big yet rather a bird with the sweetest whistle not unlike that of the down on a thistle setting the sweet scene of a time for a moment maybe a minute it all depends if you can truly live in it – live in it to be live in it to see come inside and live it with me – we have to see the serenity of it all as much as the summer brings the fall setting the stage for the end that we all call winter only to begin again – begin again in the spring right where we’ve already arrived into a season of new and vibrant colors colors coloring the days away from the grays of the yesterdays of winter – so there we have it it’s all in a circle it’s all in a cycle speeding right by us if we let it – yet we can’t we won’t and we never will for if we do life will go silent and that’s never gonna happen not for me not for you not even for the sake of my left shoe – so if you’re here and reading and you can’t find a reason just remember it’s all in the season – in every season we have to live and to give and to love and to thrive there’s no other way in living life truly alive – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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