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when the wind turns wicked…

May 21, 2013


as was the world in the middle of our great land just yesterday in the state we call oklahoma many can find faith as the only thing left and then many may even be feeling faith slipping away in the face of harrowing devastation and the heartbreaking loss of life – in sharing the infinite wisdom of one very enlightened man we see he says “we must be very cautious about saying that God judged a nation’s sin by causing a specific disaster to take place because we simply don’t know” as he further says “Jesus called satan the prince of this world (John 16:11) and no doubt he is the author of all kinds of evil and destruction” – and so recalled are the balancing words of one billy graham – 

by the grace of God i myself have never witnessed such a tragedy and in that same grace i write to try to offer what’s in my heart to those with hearts now immeasurably heavier than the mind can even imagine – as like the rest of us i cannot say why these events come like a murderous thief in the night yet for some they do – what i can say is i believe more than ever before from great personal pain, enlightenment and healing that faith in the everpresent guiding hands of God is the bringer of unforeseen blessings appearing out of seemingly complete darkness – and out of a far far greater oblivion as was the day yesterday for far too many in oklahoma, i pray for the very same unexpected and very well unimaginable blessings to arrive in every way – and i believe that they are and i believe that they will continue to become – 

in the land of the red people as comes the name oklahoma from the choctaw nation and the highly esteemed indian intellectual named allen wright, the color red yesterday unfortunately was code red for danger and disaster yet the spirit of not only an originating tribe but a land of a people we call americans is coming together – we’re coming together yet again and as we’ve always done in helping the less fortunate as it’s the very foundation we all stand upon giving of yourself is praying as much as it’s encouragement just the same as it’s doing with your hands – every golden thread binds together a life-giving tie whether it be restored, new or only yet on paper – so i say from a land and a people i never have even known to you and those in your world i may never even know just the same thank you for helping in any and every way you may be the blessing we’re all born to be – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~




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