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May 23, 2013


and fer sher’s an echoing artifact of a saying from another time back some thirty years or so ago yet it seems to have a ring and a relevancy right at the present day – it’s in the headlines leading the way if not in words then definitely in the sarcastically lackluster sentiment underlying a perilously destructive attitude from those at the top – “we didn’t know” and “i’m taking the 5th” simply don’t cut it as thankfully far too many of us don’t believe everything that’s said as being true simply because they said it – and that’s a good thing, a very good thing – for when we have dedicated fellow americans dying in foreign lands needlessly as it seems was the scene in bengazi and now we come to discover a “necessary” entity that’s already detested’s apparently been targeting our fellow family friends and neighbors on the right side of the aisle we arrive at a foundational faith being at greater risk than ever before – 

there’s a faith in country unlike any other that’s essential as it sets the sail of a nation whereas without it we have nothing – and what it seems so many of the leaders of the day are blinding themselves to if not completely looking at with pathetic indifference is that there’s is a position with immense responsibility in not only the intrinsic matters of their work yet even more so in the ever so critically necesssary example of integrity and moral fortitude that they must maintain as they lead the way –

most are followers and that is perfectly fine yet the one’s following typically will mirror the behavior of those doing the leading – and that’s where we come full circle to the headlines where an air of disdain, superiority and shall we say untouchability seems to be all the better there is until the next go-around at electing someone else – and that’s not alright –

so where does that leave a single individual of just one voice? – for me right here as there’s an immeasurably expanding strength in standing up for what’s right and saying so – as godspeed delivers the good word finds the good mind and from that a gathering voice takes hold – so i say be the change that’ll give our children the far better world they so richly deserve – they’re all counting on us – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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