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many more than a million…

May 26, 2013


lives have arrived at a violent finish since we began the revolution all the way back in 1775 when several minutemen were ruthlessly taken out and from there we’ve come all the way to the present where some twisted few actually select to travel to the funerals of fallen soldiers harassing the grief-stricken families in saying dead soldiers means God‘s mad at us – amazingly throughout it all the many of us carry on keeping it all together in the spirit of one country united – and that’s a very good thing as they’re have been countless stories of unexpected heroes and the most righteous of life-giving victories that have given us all the invaluable gift of liberty and the pursuit of happiness –

it’s absolutely astounding as to the amount of lost life in just the civil war alone when in 4 short years more than six hundred thousand men died at the hands of internal division a la the house divided’s surely to be a house fallen and for the better part of half of a decade we were disintegrating unlike at no other time – and from there it all began as taking notice of those honoring the fallen at their final resting places was being seen from one town to the next especially in the south where the overwhelming majority of the losses from the civil war hit home –

then came 1971 when a century-long head of steam came to the forefront as we found ourselves in what many saw as a senseless war yet again and for many years counting when one president johnson made memorial day a federally recognized holiday giving further well-deserved respect to all those who’d ultimately given their very lives in giving us all an endless array of amazing freedoms –

if you think about it we are an extravagantly blessed nation when we take proper pause to realize the wonderful opportunities, national treasures and liberating freedoms that’re at our fingertips every day – we must remember this every morning we awaken with a body blessed in perfect health, sunny skies overhead and the freedom to select exactly how our lives will flourish from this point forward – as well we must remember all of those who gave everything they had and we must be grateful to this very minute for all those taking risks unimaginable for the many of us all in the name of freedom – so i say let memorial day be not just a day to remember the fallen but a reminder to be exceptionally grateful for all we have all throughout the year – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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