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the summer scene in ’77…

May 29, 2013


began with a fantastic excitement as we came from just east of the pacific to just a tad to the west of the atlantic all in one swift move and from there everything got far livelier – we were in a town of twenty thousand or so and came to the suburbs now surrounded by many millions – we’d been in the west for nearly all of my 7 years and that’d been nearly 7 years too long for my mother having come from the wonderful hometown we all see as the finest city in all of penn’s woods, that being my beloved pittsburgh – yet we’d moved to greater philadelphia – and it was the beginning of an amazing time for me –

from just minutes after we’d arrived in our beautiful new neighborhood in the pastural rolling hills of churchville, it was perfect as i’d made an entire circle of new friends not to mention having my favorite and only brother jimmy there with me as well – i’ll never forget as dad took the first lap through our brand new house without air conditioning on that early day in june in the midst of an unusual heat wave and said “charlotte, we’re calling sears” and out they came i believe that very day and in went the ac – now we had it all in high style and then it got even better from there – that first wonderful summer included everything from camping in stone harbor to going to philadelphia phillies baseball games to having a spectacular block party unlike anything i’d ever seen before – we joined the phoenix swim club, we had pizza from the feistiest of italian brothers at angelo’s many times to my great delight and i even got a new bike that might as well have been the finest ducati given the world of speed-driven happiness that now became my days with all of my new friends – summer was always good yet somehow it became that much the greater with this new move sweeping us all the way across the country – and then recently in the fashion of an afterglow of all the immediate fun that arrived all the way back in those special days in june july and august of 1977 returned a now permanent picture of just how wonderful summer is further delivering me a vitality i haven’t felt in decades –

feeling truly alive i’ve come to arrive in understanding always comes from within – it’s an internal light lit by God that’ll never leave even when we somehow have managed to dim it or distort it for whatever less than sensible reason –

so as we near the first of june which for me’s the day that returns us to all the awaiting splendor of yet another wonderful summer, i say remember the good, the great and the amazing times you hopefully had as well and carry that spirit with you if not for at least a day far better for the rest of your life – and when you do you’ll see you’ll thrive in a happiness far grander than ever before – wishing you an eternity in the summer of life and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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