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a gathering force…

June 2, 2013


is what they say’ll come your way from within when you open up to an expanded faith that you can be far greater than you’ve ever been before – it happens when we fill our minds with enlightened realities and it happens when we ask of our physical selves to become stronger just the same as it surely happens when we finally arrive on our own specially designed path from and with God, even more so when we’re at His speed – the brilliance of it all is that it takes just a single step in any of those directions without stopping or reversing – something locked into the psyche says i can do this and this feels good – and then there’re the results that rise with a palpability in a literally sculpting vision – we can see what’s happening as much as we can feel it and then comes an added energy that carries us further faster and higher than ever before –

that’s what i’m feeling right at about 21 days in with the physical as i’ve crossed into 2-a-days on a couple of occasions now and i’m finding an invigorated ambition with everything – there’s a saying for so many things in life and what comes to mind is the perfect storm yet it’s not about a tearing down or a tearing away but rather it’s all about the feeling of a gathering force from within that’s literally speaking to me – it’s an amazing place where energy begets energy and all the chains have simply vanished – and everything’s better in every way – fear’s vanquished and freedom reigns – this is the place where for once and for all we’ve finally gotten out of our own way – this is where success just happens as so many  on the outside looking in wonder how and why –

from the experience that’s uniquely been mine none of it would be happening without an ascended faith in that all things are possible with God nor would it be happening if i still wasn’t respecting my body as the temple that it deserves to be just the same i’d only be treading water without a vastly enhanced mindset that’s been a collective gift in the past many months from so many wise and caring souls in my world –

the lifting of the body mind and spirit in the perfecting steps that only come at godspeed’s where it’s at – it’s the lighted way, it’s the only way and as it’s His way it’s everything my way just the same and always will be – what about you? – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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