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nearly 20,000 days in love…

June 4, 2013


and they’re still together through it all – through the many wonderful times and through the other as well and they’re still both in one piece, they’re smiling and they’re still laughing – it all began simply enough when a wise and self-assuredly witty and barely 13 year-old 8th-grader sat behind another fascinated with his opening move of snapping the back of her bra-straps – ahh now there’s a winning move i never thought of at the same age, yeah-k-sure kid! – anyway the next play was a few years later at the scene of a double date that only jim was on with the first girl being left behind at the dance and charlotte being wisked away with all the affection now for her – and for that i say thanks mom and thanks dad otherwise there’d be no me – and that’s how it began some 60 years ago with their wedding coming 52 years ago to the day –

in that time we’ve all traveled the world and we’ve all lived with great laughter coming much more of the time than the tears and the hurt and again for that i’m exceptionally grateful – after all mom and dad were just a pair of 21 year-old kids that have done their best and given their all to their kids just the same as they have with their grandkids and for that we are all fortunate –

so you say was there ever a generation gap, a mismeeting or 2 of the minds and maybe even a heated argument with a flying basket of holiday biscuits? – oh definitely yet what other way is there? – mom and dad were pioneers in their families being the first generation going on to higher learning and that would be par for the course for my sister my brother and myself to our great collective gain – mom and dad always provided for a lively household from the sound of all of the gusto of mom’s infectiously fantastic italian laughter to the at times ear-shattering and fire-breathing speeches that dad seemingly summoned from an entire german military regiment to the barking of many dogs to of course the whispering calm and elegance of the 3 perfectly behaved kids charlene, jimmy and i always were – when you’re done rolling on the floor from that one please do read on – 

the countlessly amazing experiences we’ve all had over the decades from fantastic family get-togethers to the most wonderfully celebrated christmas holidays to simply listening to mom and dad tell stories of family long ago have all been priceless – what’s funny’s that i don’t remember much else other than the good, the better and the best of times when i look back now and that’s all how it should be –

so i say thank you mom and dad for having our family and thank you for giving us your all and more even when you didn’t have anything left – your dedication, forgiveness and great love that’s always won out over everything else is a shining pinnacle for anyone to reach for – yet as you do know it takes work and it takes patience and it takes seeing and feeling far beyond the present moment and always no matter what living with an unwavering and absolutely unbreakable love – and therein lies the greatest happiness we will ever find – wishing mom&dad a very happy 52nd anniversary and wishing everyone God‘s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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