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anberlin and the jump…

June 11, 2013


made for the perfect fix of the type well beyond the chemical that one whimsical winter night last year – as a band they came to light for me in the most unexpected of ways with a visually captivating image of an endlessly falling horse appearing on an album cover of a few years ago – with the very first listen of dark is the way light is the place i was completely in – this was rock ‘n’ roll in the finest of fashions and simply unparalleled by most bands of the day of any notoriety – right at the perfect time in my life on a steadily ascending journey in the discovery of a far greater faith in God yet all the while still dragging with an absolutely crushed heart came a performance and a feel i’d never experienced in any of the hundreds of shows i’ve been blessed to see over the years –

we were in a rather tight fit of a place to play let alone come see a show at nonetheless there we all were – hailing from just a hundred miles or so to the south, anberlin’s a band that speaks the word of the collective players with the faith that comes in a band of brothers all of the christian belief with 2 of them even carrying the name christian – yet unlike other bands so labeled they don’t lay it out as such but instead simply share what’s happened in their lives and how their foundation of taking their lead from God’s always been in some way the rock that’s literally led to their being called to take the rock ‘n’ roll to the people – and they do it with such an exquisitely blended balance of earnest lyrics, compositional gold and a melodically thundering sound that’s all their own – and it comes through better than any other i’ve ever heard – and now i know why –

so there we were several songs into the show and they began another track i’d never heard before and everyone started to jump and for many songs after went on jumping without a single stop – and then just yesterday i saw a clip of a missionary from some 30 years ago delivering the good word to a tribe that had never met a christian and within days on their own accord at another gathering they one-by-one began to tell of how they all have felt God in their lives without ever before knowing Him until that point and then they literally all began jumping for joy in the discovery of His all-encompassing love with the same bounce that i was so rapturously in the middle of last january – i didn’t know it then that it was indeed the very same jump as it clearly was the Holy Spirit lifting us all off of our feet with the greatest of joy and happiness – and that only comes from the celebration of God that’s there for every one of us living in every corner of the world as it always has been – now that’s feeling and living truly alive and for me i wouldn’t ever have it any other way – so if you wanna get in on a good thing, the very best thing ever, then give a smile and a wave to God and get an amazing lift with an audio experience like no other with a listen to the good men of anberlin – for as they share the gift of God in just their own way they’ve become a gift and given me a gift to in turn pass onto the awaiting world – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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