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holding her hand…

June 17, 2013


was something i’d been familiar with all of my life in holding others’ hands yet this time was a gift unlike any other as she reached out and grasped on with a gentle yet unexpected life-affirming grasp – and immediately a gift was exchanged between us – for her it was a gift of not only seeing but feeling the care of a friend and neighbor in a time of recovery – for me it was a gift of feeling the determined spirit of a kindred soul who’d been taken down from age yet was well on her way to living on further in a life already measured at nearly 9 decades –

it was an experience of simple blessings from the elegant holding of 2 hands and i’ll forever stay exceptionally grateful now having a far greater understanding of how much we can do for one another with the easiest of gestures – it’s come to me recently that there are seven words to remember how to be when we’re with others – with sincerity the first is in always saying hello, the second’s saying goodbye, and then the third’s the beauty in saying please, there’s a fourth in the grace in saying thanks, a fifth comes in the healing of saying i forgive, and then the sixth’s in the elegant humility in saying i’m sorry with the absolutely best in the seventh in always saying in every moment with godspeed i love this or i love that and most certainly i love you – to me these 7 words continue to bring me the most wonderful enlightenment which in turn’s steadily revealing the ever-expanding and endlessly enabling gifts God‘s given me to give to all the others i can possibly reach –

seeing, hearing and feeling all at once what we cannot with the senses yet from within with an instantly and perfectly guided rush of assuring warmth from God is indeed the kiss of life – and as it comes for us all in the humanity of  the 7 words it also came to me with a reaching out to another as we’ve all done so ordinarily before yet this time with this embrace Eleanor’s spirits lifted ever higher right when she needed it – and for me i’ve been forever blessed in now learning the invaluably loving gift another can receive in one simple holding of hands – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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