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i love…

June 19, 2013


being alive and i love having been given so many wonderful gifts from God from the amazing people in my life to the talents inside that bring me closer to others in bringing them closer to their blessings and the gifts they’ve been given – it’s all related as is every last one of us – i love being awakened just a tad before the alarm at sun-up from the exceptionally loving and latest in the family circle of kitties, babs – no she’s not a singer yet rather she’s a lickyloo as it first came to be called by rena of dancer’s enjoyment for salty skin in a fondly remembered first lifetime – well everything the same and even more than dancer now enters babs into the picture and that’s her preference as well as she seems to decide daily is best saved for waking me up – to me that’s her way of saying i love you – and for that and for her i’m ever so grateful – right after that every morning comes the gentle tone on my cell with a message from melanie saying i love you and i love that and i love her – i love that i’ve been so richly blessed with so many loving people who have sacrificed, invested and shared so much for in and with me to help deliver me to the wonderful world that i arrive in each and every morning – i love that i have an elegant waterfront shimmering back at me every morning i open the blinds to say hello and thank you to God – i love that aspen and thor greet me with a penchant every morning – they’re the most gorgeous of cats of the maine coone variety and friendliness is an exceptional specialty for them just the same – i love that one of my best of friends, mike, delivered me to a world of far superior health in what i bring into my body in the way of nutrition and supplements and i love that because of him and because of that that i have been in perfect health for nearly 5 years and running – i love that i have dozens of people i get to interact with nearly every day in the endeavor of bringing better shelter to those in my community – i love that i have many amenities and true luxuries that color my senses – i love that i have so many wonderful teachers that are leading me to leading myself by way of God in a far grander manner than ever before so i may reach all those i cannot with the shaking of hands yet can with the sharing of these very words – i love that one of the greatest gifts i’ve been given in inspiring others and bringing laughter and smiles in turn gives me an immeasurable feeling of fulfillment in making a positive and enabling difference to everyone i can touch – i love that my faith, hope and belief in love and God is far greater than i ever knew it could be before – i love that God listens to me every day – i love that God guides me every day – and i love that God’s inside of me inside of my heart with the holy spirit every day –

what a wonderful life we lead and in my eyes it’s only getting greater and greater from here – so i say may you see every silver lining and may you count every golden thread and as you do see it all through the eyes of love and your life will be forever the better forever more – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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