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and maybe the old songs…

June 26, 2013


will bring back the old times as heard in the perfectly feeling voice of one of the best singers in modern music since the 1970’s is indeed a beautiful sentiment – and with this wonderful feeling that arrives inside of one simple song thanks to a great entertainer by the last name of manilow, i find myself in a place where everything’s elegantly golden – the past is only painted with the good the better and the best of times with everyone i’ve ever loved befriended and met maybe only in brief passing – i’m in a place where everyone’s smiling and everyone’s laughing – no one’s ever anything the less and it’s always sunny and 77 – for me these times have come from everywhere from the bottom of the sea lion caves to the very tippy top of the eiffel tower to the tiniest of towns in douglas michigan to the grandest of natural landscapes in the california redwoods – within every vision i hear the collective voices of so many years speaking the loveliest of memories ever so softly with a resonance of everything amazing that’s ever happened in my life and it comes to me all at once – and well more often than not these days the feeling carries on well beyond the fleeting minutes of the one beautiful song –

it’s been a blessing to finally learn to live freely exactly as we’re designed to be – truly realizing the gifts inside of us delivers a flight like never before where virtually everything begins to make perfect sense from nearly every moment to the next as if we’re on the gathering wave of a lifetime with success happiness and godspeed the only feelings we can ever really feel – anyway that’s where music and just the right song with that perfect feeling takes me every time i’m out of my own way and instead onto the lighted path that’s literally paved in gold and set aside just for me – what a wonderful way to go – may you travel in life everything the same – wishing you all God‘s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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