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freedom begins…

July 10, 2013


right where many never realize lies the single source of all we are in all that we can receive in everything that is life – it’s the place where the sun’s always shining with randomly returning thunder&lightning storms that can appear in an instant yet can simply be directed away within the matter of seconds – announcements, distortions, and pixie dust all paint an urban picture that is isn’t and is in a typically convoluted fashion at best – trappings, confines and pilloried rhinestones all subtly define the day –  

yet we also awaken in the new day to find another blessing in a perfect foundation with everything all at our fingertips just awaiting our masterfully graceful direction – we are the conductor of the symphony of life – everything good and everything indeed the masterpiece is there for the receiving all by the grace of God

the freedom to see and the freedom to be exactly as you may dream it already awaits the very breath of life as given only by you should you truly and simply believe it – all realities await us as thrivingly alive as are the simple steps that begin our present day – and then comes a single salient decision, the very key to it all, the one deciding factor that’ll carry us to exactly where we do or do not desire to be – and it comes down to this, do we see it as good or do we see it as bad? – for therein lies the quintessential essence of freedom and it always comes from within – we decide if we’re the eagle flying high with the whole wide world there for the having and everything the same we also decide if we’re the helter-skeltered rat running the race to oblivion fitting into the confines of the system that’ll ultimately crush our very spirit and then us – so i say decide to see it with light, live the life that you know is yours and simply be the eagle – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrrockfiles/RRF~


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