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when the love seems lost…

July 13, 2013


you’ll fall to your knees in tears and even further fall victim to yourself with wildly swinging emotions unlike you’ve ever felt before – yet there’s hope and there’s a way to see the light and come to life once again but only if you truly understand what is happening – some of us were fortunate seeing our parents loving and respecting one another as equals unconditionally as we received all of the attention so critically necessary when we were a child and then we grew up intrinsically knowing how to relate to the one that became the love of our life typically attracting back exactly what we’d seen is right and voila it’s a successful relationship – and then there’s everybody else –

there’s a reason we have so much crisis in the fabric of modern society with so many unhappy and troubled people with many feeling helpless in not understanding what is happening to them yet feeling the strength of survival in subconsciously seeking only to serve themselves to get away from the hurt – and it doesn’t work – in fact it creates so much greater hurt for at least 2 people now if not everyone in their collective lives – God forbid there are kids involved as you’ve now just created carbon copies of your troubles that’ll most assuredly repeat in them in about 25 years or so – it’s a guarantee and it’s proven by decades of iron-clad psychological evidence and study just the same – don’t believe me as you’re reading this? – trust me just as i was when the economy fell and just as the first love of my life was in running away unexpectedly after 19 years you are also wrong, completely wrong – and you’re in a crisis – and if you don’t find highly qualified help it’s going to last for up to 5 years – 5 long disruptive, destructive, chaotically wasted years – your life right now’s a chase of the grandest illusion all misled from within your very own mind and fully supported by the pendulum of a culturally highly destructive society eager to see who falls next – and you have plenty of caring angry friends running their scam living through you with a destructive mission to settle the pain in their lives from God only knows how long ago that has absolutley nothing to do with you yet that’ll ultimately leave you at the least in tatters if not in ashes – it’s an illusion of the worst kind – it’s sad – it’s awful – and it’s high time we come to understand what’s happening to us and how to stop it

there’re 5 factors pervading your life that left unattended to will destroy you – people in a crisis 1 say what they don’t mean and what they mean they don’t say – 2 they believe their needs are more important than yours or anyone else’s for that matter – 3 they see themselves as somebody they absolutely are not – 4 and here’s one that’ll blow your mind as anything good you do or say they will see as a threat – and then 5th they want what they can’t have and what they have in you they clearly do not want – so what’s going on and what to do?

if this is you first seek help from God in the Holy Spirit and most definitely also reach out immediately to someone older, wiser, smarter and clearly in a long-standing successful relationship – if you’re the one watching it this is the time for high compassion greater than you’ve ever had before as your loved one is clearly in a crisis living in a mind drowning in some degree of chaos that’s all coming from their childhood like a ticking time bomb that’s finally gone off with you being the one identified as the one that denied them everything they needed and didn’t get as a child – seriously? yeah, seriously – and now what? – if you truly love them it’s time to find desperately needed enlightenment as you will not be able to survive and solve this crisis alone – and this is not the time to find just any counselor – you need someone with highly advanced experiential understanding – in other words you need someone who has been through it coming through the other side together and far better off because of it – yes that can and does happen and it’s well documented that these are the happiest people amongst us, those who have embraced and loved more deeply than ever before to understand, forgive, heal and find where they once were at the beginning once again yet this time around equipped with a rekindled commitment and new knowledge for a lasting and nurturing success –

you can save your marriage if not at least yourself and your kids and the teacher i’ll be forever grateful for in bringing me that much needed enlightenment is the gentleman behind the illustrious environment changer program out of wisconsin by the name of larry bilotta – never heard of him or me? – that’s perfectly fine and simply doesn’t matter to either of us yet what does is that if your heart is burning and your ready to save the one you love, yourself and all those dearest to you and you truly can sacrifice then you need only to reach out

what seems broken can almost always be fixed and made better than ever before and rarely is the grass ever greener on the other side – calm, safe, secure, important, valuable, likable, light, consistent, contributing and truly making a positive difference – is this you? – would you like it to be? – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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  1. karie black permalink
    July 24, 2013 12:11 pm

    I am a mother whom use to be on drugs and have 3 children. I am 5 years clean. My children’s ages are 22,20,12. The older two r carbon copies and my youngest doesn’t want anything to do with me. I do trust in the Lord. I believe in his word . I feel we despertly need help. My son Cody is going through a divorce already . He tried the love Dare , no response he then went back to his drug of choice vodca and pot! I know God is better that any thing .

    • July 24, 2013 1:05 pm

      Karie thank you for reading what i wrote – i cannot begin to say i feel your feelings as to your personal experiences yet i am sorry for what you are going through – yes i agree God is absolutely better than anything and He will continue to deliver you to your destiny – what type of help are you feeling you need the most? – as for Cody i can only urge him to read and take the environment changer course with you – Godspeed and God bless you and your family-/–

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