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catch that line…

July 16, 2013


and you just might find it’ll be the last ride you’ll ever have – and that’s the way it goes throughout the world every day for everyone in every minute we’re signed-off and not thinking for ourselves running with the mission we’ve been gifted by God to so run with – again as always it comes down to 2 simple choices with the one being jumping on the shiny bandwagon masquerading about when it’s really a deceptively high-speed train running right off the tracks and then the other’s your way via His way – 

as we all set off in the countless directions daily life finds us in many are actually asleep at the wheel having given away the very light of their souls once again all in the name of fitting in and trying to look sound and feel normal – and then comes the subtle to absolutely and mindlessly brazen negativity that pervades so much of the culture, the media and for many quite sadly so our so-called friends – we’re trapped in an invisible cell replete with all the bills and maybe even an i-phone 5 – ah, sweet success – and a success it completely is for all those running the game stealing every dollar from you that they can – 

the highly revered philosopher vadim zeland refers in splendid detail as to how this negativity in fact acts as a pendulum of sorts that’ll swing by and through you effectively stealing you away with expert ease blinding you to what really matters in your life just to add power to itself – and then you’re hooked thinking about it, speaking about it, worrying about it and slowly erasing your very lifeforce – and then if you give over to what is not your destiny with complete submission your days become numbered eventually leaving you for dead if not already there – it’s a pretty picture, isn’t it? – well it’s exactly what’s happening with a racist ferocity from all the way on high and millions are actively tearing away at what unites us day after day – and the devil’s laughing all the way to the hotter than hell s&l gathering strength one by one minute after minute –

if you’re unaware to sleeping awake it’s high time to learn and look at yourself in the mirror – are you part of the solution or part of the discord? – are you giving of your true gifts with the spirit of the best neighbor and citizen you know you can be? – what’s out of your influence, your control and indeed your moral playground best be left alone – otherwise let the hidden force of uncontrolled emotions run and ruin your day as so many of us needlessly fall prey to not knowing there is a way to be the leader of our thoughts and actions with an endless grace – is that you? – how do you desire to be? – how are the ones you run with? – after all you are who you associate with – is that ok? – are you more than what we’ve been seeing? –

so what do you do? – forgive yourself, find friends and mentors smarter wiser and more compassionate than you presently are and move onward and upward – we all need the real you now more than ever – carry your own weather with the perfecting guidance of the Holy Spirit within and simply let that line pass on by and through you with indifference – every time you do you, your loved ones and we all win – and that’s exactly what we need far more of – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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