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time for me to fly…

July 29, 2013


oh i’ve got to set myself free are in song the words of the passionate pain of a relationship that’s seemingly run off the rails and they’re also right where i’ve landed this sunny sunday afternoon with a lift in the spirit even higher than i’ve ever felt before – so as it so often is in life one sees the disparate and the desperate and then another sees the silver and the gold as in the linings and threads that together create the life we decide is ours with the grace of God – many influences cover and mask the world we see when we only see it with the literal eye – and therein lies a life of darkness – and then there’s the vision inside we’ve all been given yet so many for so long seem to stay blind and deaf to the only light and the only voice that we ever need – for His is the pulse of life that leads us in accelerated perfection if and when we simply decide to slow down, come to a restful ease and listen – for within us all’s the life of God in the Holy Spirit and with that the only direction we ever need – 

filters ensnare our very spirits as we move through adolescence with a subtly suffocating precision and when we’re unaware the next stop we arrive at’s a place called this is it? – and then we see a child with all of their wonder and play running about seemingly without a care in the world and we wonder what are we missing? – we’re not missing anything the way i see it but rather we’ve layered-on enough wet blankets from the wildly negative societal and cultural pressures to the degree the many of us are barely breathing the way we once so freely and happily were – so it comes down to balance as it always does in life and the way we achieve it in this light is in casting aside any and all beliefs, behaviors and so-called friends that aren’t nurturing us and encouraging us onwards onto the path we know is ours as gifted by God – anything less effectively tears away at our very soul second by second year after year – and as the wonderfully wise pastor joel osteen just said this weekend it doesn’t matter whether you’re 30, 50 or even 95 in that God still has a purpose for your life right to this very day – so i say get off of the sidelines of life free yourself and fly – feel life at 11 once again and give us the gift of you – may we all see God’s every blessing and live life like never before ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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