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July 31, 2013


is a feeling of vision being met with complete freedom from fear and a higher faith than ever before – i’ve only ever known one person who has said it, seen it, already felt it before it happened and now is absolutely thriving in it and to you Mike i congratulate you and share in your well-chosen happiness –  there is a winning combination in this life that’s at once both elegantly simplistic and yet there’s a naysayer at every turn we must blind and distance ourselves to know matter who they may be in our life – if you let them stay near you you’ll lose every time often not even realizing why you are where you are which always is where you don’t wish to be – and then on the other hand we can literally set off on that carefree highway when we already know what lies ahead as we carry forward at just the right speed with the most satisfying of smiles –

so here we are again in the beautiful simplicity of life where it’s only 2 ways to select from, the one that’s an illusion lined with empty so-called pleasures and the second where you’re at the wheel of the finest and brightest craft of your own creation endlessly and ever so happily grasping at the most graceful dandelions of life at every turn – everything’s coming your way and it’s a secret most have never even been given a glimpse of to know just how wonderful a secret it is as it is the giver of destiny

can you even imagine a life free of fear? – have you ever even quieted yourself and your surroundings to experience the divine gift of having a conversation with God and hearing what He has to say to you? – that’s a feeling of the most indescribably loving rush of warmth coming from the heart that perfectly embraces your very being in the crystalized vision of comforting certainty – it’s a meeting of vision and faith in that you’ll realize with the calling of a lifetime this is your path and your destiny with the only step to be taken being that first one forward and every one thereafter free of any deadline with an unwavering faith affected by absolutley no one, especially you – this is the secret and i’ve read about it, i’ve realized it and i’m writing about it right this very moment with the only wish in that in some way, shape or fashion i’ll have helped a fellow traveler of this life somewhere across this wide and wonderful world in experiencing the very same –

it’s astonishingly amazing creating your days and indeed the path and blissful reality that is uniquely yours – can you believe in what you can only see in your imagination? – can you feel it as if it’s already under foot in the finest of settings of your very own design? – do you believe fear’s the grandest thief of them all stealing away the blood of your very soul every time you let it in in even the slightest negative manner? – have you ever seen yourself walking with God as you set about your way? – for the ones saying yes Godspeed to you and for the ones ready to take a chance and the greatest leap of faith you’ve ever taken close your eyes and call on God, his minutes are unlimited and he always answers the loving and the following – wishing you God’s every grace and blessings beyond a lifetime ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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