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there’s never been better than eydie…

August 15, 2013


as hers is a golden voice that with just the one listen will entirely captivate you in an everlasting smile leaving your heart all that much the happier – yes eydie gorme was that exceptionally good – and then came the wonderful pairing of eydie with the widely esteemed and highly respected man of song steve lawrence which was not only a marriage made in harmony for the best composers and songwriters of the day yet was as well a marriage of an uplifting love made as man and wife for more than 50 years which is simply beautiful – they were one of the truly great couples –

i grew up hearing both of their wonderful voices singing such perfect happiness into our home every christmas holiday season with what is considered to be one of the very best and truly landmark holiday records ever made in “that holiday feeling” – i can hear it right now ever so elegantly coming to mind even as we bandy about in the hottest of summer suns –

eydie came into the spotlight all the way back in 1963 with her beautiful reading of the loveliest of songs titled “blame it on the bossa nova” which further opened up a nation of listeners to the gorgeously soft and subtle sounds of the bossa nova movement just beginning to flow to the north by way of brazil – and from there forward unfolded a celebrated career of seemingly countless wonderful songs to come – as a pair steve & eydie would go on to sing with the legends from frank sinatra to sammy davis jr. to dean martin along with many other famous singers from judy garland to even bob hope – everyone wanted a part along the way on their illustrious path – and what a path it was as they gave their very best performing together right up through recent years and well into their 70’s –

in today’s world we can only hope to find such a beautifully loving and gifted couple once again – so to them both i say thank you for the music and to steve may you continue to prosper in the shining light of the memory of your wonderful wife – and to eydie i can see them all smiling in heaven now that you’ve arrived with your heartwarming smile and your perfect voice singing so happily without end – – wishing everyone God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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