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standing on the sign…

August 30, 2013


seems to make little to no sense when first pictured yet it crystalizes when the signs are so resoundingly clear and ever-present as to the direction your journey has now turned in – even more so does the vision become an active quest when you know in your heart of hearts that God himself’s said it to be – out in the limelight in the rhythm of life’s where it’s all at as can be seen with the shining smiles of perfect strangers as well as when were right in the middle of the radiating din of rooms full of even more perfect strangers chatting about at a sometimes feverish pitch – and then it certainly’s all complete when you feel it knowing your every step’s in exactly the right fashion – then when the signs continue to chase you down with exceptional tenacity as to where you’re both headed and needed you’ll know you’ve already arrived –

you’re coming into your season, the season to inspire all of the rest wherein you begin making your mark in this life blessing all the others you come together with forever for the better – the right people are coming into your life as all the doors to the destiny that is yours open with perfect timing as it always is in God’s perfect way – can you feel it? – do you hear Him? – can you see all of the wonderfully beautiful scenes creating the illustrious story of YOU? – it’s the most amazing feeling and place you’ll ever arrive in if and once you finally and simply believe it to be – so here’s to the story of YOU in that today we may all know your gifted blessings sharing in the everlasting goodness in the living dream of the lush vision of your wonderful life – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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