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that classic fall feeling…

September 7, 2013


is arriving with all of the splendor and perfect timing that’s right in line with all of the wonder of a 1979 mind – at least that’s how it is for me as that’s the time when i remember everything in life was simply amazing – we lived in a beautiful part of pennsylvania where the leaves come alive with the most vibrant of colors as they dance about their days until the one when they finally and ever so gracefully sail to the ground giving way to the coming winter – i had so many friends right there in the circle and just the same many more just up the hill where i was very happily in the 4th grade – my brother always seemed to be looking out for me as he led me away from that very un-hip kindergarten look to having cool hair, wearing cool clothes including some fantastic velour selections and getting into listening to wmmr and discovering the coolest bands of the time wherein at 9 i already knew nearly every word to the cars’ first album even if i didn’t know what in the world they were saying – mom always had something more than tasty ready for dinner and dad did everything with me from indian guides street hockey where he lovingly decked another dad so swiftly the dent’s still there on the parquet to taking me sledding at the park to always taking us out for the best pizza ever from angelo’s – we traveled all the time from everywhere from stone harbor and the beautiful shore to pittsburgh where we all came from and loved going back to visit with everyone to that wonderful trip through the countryside seeing the the loveliness of a new england fall all the way up to boston – and then there was the even greater lift that came with the excitement in the days getting shorter knowing october, colder weather and the holidays were all now well on the way – 

it’s a never-ending fascination to me with the elegant sound of september even just being on the lips as august heads for a finish every year – and here we are already barely 7 days in and it’s the sweet return of a romance with life that i’ll forever be the better for – i hope you may feel the same if not at least feel moved to wonder at the rhythm of the seasons as they so aptly carry us all through the days of our lives – take a minute to look up and look around and give a thankful smile to God having complete faith you’ll see everything just the way you love it – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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