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awakened for a day…

September 12, 2013


and for far too many for a lifetime endlessly trying in vain to find that feeling where it all was infinitely better up until 8:46am on september 11th all those years ago in 2001 – there’ve been times going back centuries when fighting and great loss has been the way here stateside yet even with hundreds of thousands of americans dying at the hands of more americans in the civil war we nonetheless have never felt the rug taken out from under us so swiftly with such psychologically destructive effect the way it came that one morning –

for me i’d been very much enjoying the morning playing out the role of the radio traffic reporter with three different personalities and three different names on more than twice as many stations – in many ways it was one of the happier times i’ve ever had in the way of the career chronicles – i was just about to leave when we all noticed the break-in on one of the many monitors showing the aftermath from the first jet strike at the world trade center – they actually had zero clue what had happened initially and then mere minutes later we saw the 2nd tower struck and an entire world-wide audience including most horrifyingly those on the streets of new york city with a front row view knew it was terrorism – 

it felt like an invisible steel hand had sucker-punched me right in the chest stealing away nearly all of my wind – i left at that point headed home with the live feed on the radio and then right as i was driving by my first 6th grade school they said the pentagon was just hit, and from there i absolutely lost it screaming at the top of my lungs feeling helpless, confused and incredibly angry at what was happening – and of course it very quickly only got worse from there with the towers both disappearing and united 93 disintegrating into the typically scenic pastures of western pennsylvania not far from my hometown – this was and remains the worst day i have ever experienced even surpassing the absolutely soul-devastating night nearly 10 years later when the first love of my life unexpectedly quit the 19 years we had together since we were barely 20 – that’s another story for another time as for the day we just experienced 12 years later with september 11th, 2013 found me in tears yet again simply upon seeing some of the widespread coverage of all the aspects of 9-11 as it’ll forever be called – 

i pray for the souls lost and all of those shattered who were left behind wondering likely in still haunting agony as to why them? – why did my wife, my father, my sister, my son, my grandmother and every relation we can think of, why did they have to die? – many mysteries will evade us all as we take this wonderfully amazing and at times heartachingly crushing trip we call life yet the love we have for one another will never be taken and it’ll never be forgotten – it’ll never be forgotten just the same as all of our fellow americans who simply were getting in a day’s work or having the typically happy experience of flying that fateful day will never be forgotten – so i say may we all come closer together in bringing an end to the darkness as we ride the wings of life at godspeed seeing the light there for us all inside of every single day – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerockfiles/RRF~


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