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September 20, 2013


was the broadcasting sound of surety in faith as well as the reality of the wheels rolling under 550 screaming horses this fine nearly fall florida afternoon – the sun was shining and we were both beaming with grace and anticipation at the unfolding trip to the coast – where we were headed one of us has already arrived and if i’ve never completely felt it before God’s commanding high-speed smile certainly set it into my every circuit this wonderful september day – and He did it with high style appealing to the italiano side of me as we ran about getting to our appointment in the fiercely fashionable super-luxury ride otherwise known as the lamborghini – i’ve seen them and i’ve heard them yet i’d never experienced the thrill of thundering down the open road in one until today – it’s a life-giving and thrilling feeling and it’s something everyone should strive to do as gratitude for every gift we’ve been given lights up brighter than the brightest of suns from experiencing such a perfectly engineered masterpiece as this – it was inspiring at an enhanced level i hadn’t ever felt before feeling it today as coming from a machine –

for you see i’ve been blessed in recent months to finally see exactly what all is possible in my life and i’ve further been given the keys to the kingdom unlocking the simple mysteries of how to create the world i live in and with many aspects of it it’s coming in fast exactitude – there is no such thing as coincidence and luck is best left alone as the 4-letter word it is – life’s never been random – in fact it’s a catalog where everything’s available as it connects into who you’ve been designed to be as gifted by God – when you finally lift away any fear and wipe out any negativity on your hard-drive and in your surroundings you’ll come to very quickly see that as you speak it out into existence all the good that matches your soul and what makes you the unique blessing you are simply comes to be – it all arrives and you arrive right along with it – faith free of any fear with a plan that truly delivers you to the world is exactly where it’s all at – who are you and why are you here in this life are questions we all need to know the answer to with steadfast ease – for it’s in this place that vision comes along and when that arrives no one and nothing will take you away from the life that is yours for the having – don’t like what you see? – then if you’re in the grasp of your better senses coming from the heart free of anything troubling it’s up to you to clear away anything and everyone bad even if you have to begin from the beginning again all the way on the other side of world – see and surround yourself with only the good, the encouraging and the empowering –

angels you’ll see are everywhere when you take a breath in this life and simply take it all in – they’re all there at God’s calling ready at once to guide us in godspeed right along that path that says “i am a winner, i am winning and i have finally won!” – what’s far better than achieving our dreams as coming from the heart stamped with approval by God Himself is seeing the blessed difference you’ve now made in so many lives with an unending and unlimited resonance – this is why we are here and up above is how we get there – i’ve seen it, i’m seeing it and i’m living it one day after the other – and so can you – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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