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when the tears are welling…

September 22, 2013


up inside it seems sometimes the best and only thing to do is to let ’em fly – there’s a release of this crippling pressure on the heart as much as in the head for the times when the moments run astray with nowhere to run until we remember to run to God and back into to our better senses – sometimes it’s so simple and everything in our days and relations comes with ease as if it’s all a part of the perfect plan and it is – and then there are the times when even with all of the amazing modes of instantly reaching out to one another it still falls apart for whatever reason – and like with most of everything it’s typically 2 dancing that tango into a tangle if they’re not careful – and then there’s me who for all of my life never knew until recently how much love was wired into my heart to the point that many of the many good and some amazingly wonderful people i’ve known in my life don’t get it or get me and when it comes to the surface sometimes it really hurts – in the past many years i’ve learned so much to my great benefit in understanding people far better and in giving them their rightful space to be and to breathe yet there are still times when i feel forgotten and unwanted – i know i am not and i know i am very well-loved and with a wonderful passion at that from a most exceptionally wonderful woman yet that feeling still takes hold at times – and when that happens there once again are just the 2 paths at hand, the one that takes you down and the one that lifts you up –

almost all of the time the uplifting path’s the one i take and then out of nowhere seems to come the perfect storm for a list of ultimately bad reasons and down i go – thankfully it’s rather rare yet the lingering unresolved pain of being abandoned is an absolute bitch whose tail i haven’t quite kicked yet but i will – but for now i’m finding this formula to be working in letting the tears run away to a cleared mind that can then write something hopefully helpful to someone else out there in the world and for that i’m well more than grateful – i can’t pretend to know your lives and understand your pain yet i can share mine and how much it can hurt and how it then vanishes making it’s return even fewer and farther between – i sincerely hope that you’ll find the same healing in as fast of a fashion so you like me can get on with smiling and breathing life into others once again with the blessings we’ve all so graciously been gifted with by God himself – it’s alright and entirely normal to feel down and fall down from time to time and in fact it strengthens and very much enlightens us – yet the winning move is getting right back up and telling God i’m here! then heading forward with a zest and a zeal in renewed perfect harmony – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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