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the grand design…

October 6, 2013


inside of the mind gives me the freedom to build it exactly the way I see it  – that means I get it in any color with an exceptionally fast-tuned engine unleashing just the right horses running with the peak grace free of any fear, hesitation or delay – absolutely nothing can get in the way on the road to the life that i’m deciding to have simply because it’s mine – all of the right doors appear right when i need them and every bit as golden as I see them – all of the right people stroll into my days as if a wonderful film’s unfolding frame by frame with every scene rich and replete with with smiling faces, rolling exchanges and complete happiness – laughter, love and blessings lead the minutes with a resonating effect traveling both near and far alike – everyone’s in on it –


and all the while there’s a guiding light about everything in every way – sometimes it’s not even seen yet it’s felt everything the same – there’s a voice that arrives in the perfect knowing that speaks confidence unlike any other – and then there’s that feeling literally beaming from within the heart out to an entire universe that’s taking down every fine detail readying the return with happy precision – and it’s all happening because you’re finally flying at godspeed wired-in to the talents uniquely gifted from God to you – it’s the best re-gifting we’ll ever experience giving of ourselves in the spirit of excellence in every step we take with every path we travel and every soul we meet – yesterday already was and tomorrow really never is when we set about living truly alive right within the minute in hand – so as they say get on with it and  get on living life as you love it, as you see it and surely as sweetly as you hear it – let this be the very instant when it all begins – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 



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