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diamonds under his sole…

November 4, 2013


may sound like the title of a track on a concept album giving rise to a simple story of faith and in the way i see it it very well may end up being just that – you see the words beginning this tale were indeed born of a divine inspiration from the saving of a life making this the second time such an amazing set of events has come into light for me – and as if it isn’t enough of a most wonderful blessing to save another’s life it’s yet an altogether different experience when no other person was involved other than the one being saved – and here’s more or less the way it went down that one otherwise fine day last year –

he was simply sitting their behind a massive industrial type when one typically ordinary glance behind found another careening out of control getting ready to pulverize anything in front of it if not getting obliterated itself, and there he was right in the middle of it completely surrounded by others to the left and to the right all hemmed in in their shiny metal boxes awaiting their turn to blaze about wherever they might all be headed – and then it happened, having no time to do anything other than accept what was imminent he also found an amazing inner grace as he called out “Jesus” without exclamation but rather with faith – what’s entirely believable is how many of us would have yelled out the same with exceeding fear and chaos whereas our friend instead called for a friend, a father and indeed the saviour – and then everything went blank –

and then he got up and out entirely unscathed seeking not to see what had happened to him but instead to help all the other victims – and then help was offered to him and he was asked where he came from by the first responders whom upon hearing his reply said that’s impossible – nonetheless he pointed to what had been a car, his car, where there now was no back end remaining save for the fuel tank which also should have sent the balance of the entirely demolished front end and anything still left into a devouring canopy of flame – yet it didn’t and there he stood to the miraculous amazement of everyone left there with him – some may say the word lucky whereas others already knowing and living in the gift of limitless faith as only ever can be delivered upon from on high by God himself know it was Him – for it was all already destined to be as much as he was destined to go on living continuing as the inspiration he’s been to so many for so long –

once again the hand of God was called for and with unscripted dead-on timing He arrived carrying forth life thereby giving us all yet one more way to see a love greater than any other we’ll ever know – and that is what it’s all about – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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