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48 to a million and she’s gone…

November 11, 2013


after well more than half the typical lifetime and just a dash or 2 away from 50 years and that’s how it went down in the way of the bottom line for a friend’s parents – i’ve never even met them yet i can only imagine from their daughter’s beaming personality that they both must have had something to do with it which leads to the question what happened? – and as far as the details go i may indeed never know nonetheless i’m left with an overwhelming sense of compassion for them both, one for the awaiting emptiness that’s imminent from simply bailing on her husband even with the newly given gift of a million dollar inheritance and then for him in having his entire world of togetherness married for 48 years literally vanish with his wife and her million now many states away – what a sad state of affairs – society’ll say maybe he had it coming to him and maybe in some ways he did and then maybe she’ll say she’d had well more than enough and where the needless blame ultimately falls again i simply can’t say as maybe no one can, including them – however what can be said is just how disappointing, wreckless and soul-stealing of a story’s taken life for us all to see of where not to be –

out of the ashes of nearly paralyzing agony from just 2 and a half short years ago i’ve been steadily blessed in seeing as i’ve never seen before as well as in listening to what i’d never heard before and beyond them both in feeling as i’ve never felt before with an instilled compassion within the Holy Spirit that touches me to my very soul every time i witness in whatever fashion that may be the needless failing of what once surely was an intense happiness in the union of 2 people in love –  for there’s an underlying theme that runs in each and every one of these stories in that far far too often deceptively perilous negative emotions are running one of the two right into the ground sending the both of them right up in flames yet again it simply doesn’t have to be – and just the same these flames are quite unique in that they rarely if ever have to be lasting – and there’s a way to the greener grass that’s well more than often never on the other side but rather begins in the fondest memories of where they began and carried on to until what they were given in adolescence runs out – some got a lot and shine for us all to see and then some got the good and the bad and for them it’s on and off and back and forth at best until that runs out and then for some they got nearly nothing and that’s indeed all they’ll ever get if an until they tell the right person they’ve had enough – we all fit in to one of these situations and for us all it can always be better and possibly far better than we’ve ever imagined yet again we need light – and that light always and forever begins with God and carries on in finding the right people knowing the right things and living life in a manner far more fulfilling than we are to in fact teach us what they do so well – sounds simple and in a way it is yet the formula you have right at this very minute’s just as simple in giving you what you’re getting which leads to the question are you giving and getting what’s leading to a life well-lived? – for the longest time i’d been living in a notion that wasn’t always what i thought it may have been and then one day everything nearly fell apart – and then by the grace of God i found the right person many states away yet one who’d lived on a path nearly right next door, and for him i’ll be forever grateful in learning about myself unlike i’d ever understood before – and from there everything keeps getting lighter and better and bigger and greater than i ever knew was possible yet it really is –

so should you find you need that one right person you may already know who they are and trust me you just need ask them and then again you may know you need someone and haven’t any idea where to find them and if that’s you you just need ask me – and when you do i’ll help you in every best way that i’ve learned that’s now leading me into all the splendor of my greatest vision and my very best days – much has been given to me with which i have gained ever so greatly and now it is my time to help those looking for the same and for that i say thank you God, i am ready – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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