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when the world tilts…

November 20, 2013


a bit off kilter even more so in an unexpected fashion there’s an air of disbelief that sends up an awaiting litany of likely less than pleasant words  – these are words that somehow seem perfect except for the fact that many of them are made up with specifically just four letters – and then there’s balance and composure – the balance comes in our finding the way to reason that’s somehow always there for the righting, that being the righting of a situation that’s trying it’s best to drift left of anything good – whereas the composure comes in our deciding we’re the one of the 2 in the mix who must and will lead the way in how we respond with the main tenet coming in the fashion otherwise known as being calm, cool and collected – and that’s where the silver lining comes in in nearly if not every situation we find ourselves in even when sass and a swift kick in the teeth are the best they have – and that’s where I landed just earlier this afternoon – as for the nitty gritty in the way of the less than mannerly details let’s say looking a gift horse right in the mouth was an understatement – i can honestly say i hadn’t been party to such an exchange possibly ever before and what was even worse was the air drifting about of my being lesser than them likely from simply how i looked – at least that’s how they were attempting to have me feel – yet i found the center and kept the peace even after a run of spirited passion before i realized the futility that was synonomous with the so-called spirited passion – and that led me back to a softer setting giving way to smiles and laughter which then in turn ended any lasting detente – and that’s the way it works which leaves me grateful in finally realizing one of the grander keys in leading life from within the heart out to the world with the world graciously giving me back everything the good, the better and the far greater just as i’ve decided it will be – wishing you all the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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