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the painter, the printer and the banker…

November 22, 2013


all are amazing people for what they have become to me in the 2nd great season of this beautiful thing we call life – never did i have the slightest inkling of a clue of what was coming my way like a screaming freight train running right off the rails some 900 or so days ago – yet now in many ways that train’s transformed into a glider that’s nearly effortlessly and seemingly endlessly in flight gathering a greater vision of everything in the world i’m steadily painting as mine –

first came a rock right near the completion of a massive shot in the soul of incredibly amplified enlightenment in where i began to truly understand how and why i’d lead the life i’d been leading – as the months ticked away a paralyzing feeling came in knowing i needed a fellow traveler on the path i’d suddenly found myself on and then he appeared – he was there at every turn as if the greatest brother one could ever hope for – setting my sail seemed at best intrepid yet with him i continually lifted myself higher in realizing i have every strength already inside of me along with a newfound gift of empowering clarity – he was an encourager, a trainer and a vital accountability partner and without this most exceptional new friend i feel i would have stopped and lost even further – whereas with him i’d arrived at a higher plain that’s steadily now leading me to ones even higher for which i’m beyond words in gratitude –

and then came a fellow traveler of penn’s woods in being given yet another brother this time several important years my senior and with a heart of absolutely pure gold – we found a great simpatico between us as if we’d been the best of friends and the greatest of blood brothers for many a lifetime and at this point 2 years forward i believe that very well to be exactly what we have and where we’ve been – with this wonderful new brother arriving in the season of fall he brought along with him a renewing sense of spring in the gift he’s given in feeding my soul – we ended that earth shattering year together flying off the slopes of a brilliant snow-laden hill in the north skiing as if we were kids once again, it was amazing – to this day we have only gotten tighter with common threaded endeavors that appear to be coming together far better than either of us ever could have imagined –

and yet a third brother from another mother arrived of all days right on my birthday that brisk beginning day of december, the first without her since the day i turned 22 – from the great white north in he arrived and i felt once again another kindred bond as if i was speaking with the younger-man version of my since passed beloved uncle, the one dad knew as his brother until the day he was taken in the worst of accidents – there again with this third new brother of mine i found a peace and a motivation to be everything in the way of the gifts God’s graced me with in sharing them with the world on every path i travel and with every soul i meet – with this wonderful new friend i found myself being called to tie together every good, better and great lesson i’d ever been blessed in learning – for it was my honor to indeed lift and carry as best i could my new friend in the time to time moments when he needed a caring brother the most – and to this day it has been my further honor to know and learn with him –

and that’s the way God delivers every time we let him – right when i needed these wonderful new friends the most they arrived as if having my own 3 wise men: the painter, the printer and the banker – and to you all i give the most loving of thank yous, i wouldn’t be where i am without you – may God bless you all everywhere across the world everything the same ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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