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the giving of thanks…

November 26, 2013


is an open invitation to the celebration of all that we’ve been gifted with as we arrive at yet another wonderful season colored in all that is festive, joyful and bright – and for me that harkens me back to an earlier time when all was simply, sweetly and perfectly together in the way of my wonderful family and all of the happy days we were given – altogether dad seemed to switch gears as swiftly as the best of racers as he came home to us every day after dealing with all of the ways, the wins and the woes of a world full of engineers – as soon as he arrived there we all were with our lives spinning in very different circles and dad still connected in with ease bringing us all into a feeling of how fortunate we were to have the family we did – surely there were moments where grace was less than gleaming but then again we’re all only human and that’s part of life, not to mention they were only time to time interruptions at best – my sister loved to laugh and my brother loved to lead, my mother loved to smile and i loved to be there with them all – and with dad at the wheel we always were further treated to a story or two that sent us all into great laughter – what a wonderful time we had with the way we lived, we were indeed dearly blessed – we traveled and we played finding even further happiness in discovering many amazing new destinations all across the country and indeed this side of the world, and i wouldn’t trade that for anything –

and then a time came when finding my family meant so many people in so many places with many more glimmering moments yet there was something missing – i had an absolutely wonderful girl at my side as we set about life so many years ago with the best of intentions running this way and the other – we had so many happy times living, laughing and loving all along the way yet the balance and the drive were somehow just a tad off-kilter leaving us wondering about ourselves far too often – we had no one so precious coming from the love we had for one another as is the beautiful way with the gift of a child – as a sad result we invested it all away in far too many ultimately empty experiences unwittingly seeking happiness in glasses and laughter – we ran and we turned and we tried – we laughed and we hurt and we cried – everywhere we went we saw what it was like as we heard again and again so lovingly of how wonderful we’d be as mother & father only ever to return home just the two of us – in and at our best we were a lovely pair with a great affectionate love and i can only imagine of what may have been had we lifted up and away from the fears we’d taken in and indeed let take over – however God wasn’t finished –

after a depressing and nearly paralyzing season of lonely hurt it all began – and in like a lion with an awakening roar for the ages came my second life and a beautiful new family i never knew i’d find and for them i have nothing but love – how there ever could be another one made just for me is a notion in my yesterdays from which i would have definitively said there’s just no way, yet as God is ever so perfecting in providing with i’ve come to see there is – and what a wonderful woman she is in bringing a grace and a love as well as quite the spirited resolve in seeing through to literally creating happiness for all those so fortunate to be in her life – and then there’s the petite angel of an 11-year old child who anyone couldn’t be more grateful to be with, what an effervescent little girl she is – and then there’s also the striking young man in her now 20 year-old son who is a gift in many more ways than he can ever imagine to all those so fortunate to be spinning in one in the same world as he does – her kids are purely a pleasure and the perfect measure to the completion of my soul unlike i’d never know before

no matter when and where i’ve lived and no matter how long it’s taken i’ve come to see i’ve been so richly blessed in all of the beautiful family i’ve been given from the blood to the chosen – and to each and every one of you even if i’ve never said it in quite the right way please know you’re always in my heart with an unlimited love just the same – for each and every one of you in your own unique and gifted way has touched me and blessed me giving me greater strength and wisdom in my faith that’s now leading me into a wonderful new season of unprecedented favor – for that and so much more i say to you all with every golden thread of love in my heart thank you – wishing every one of you God’s every blessing with limitless graceful compassion ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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