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December 7, 2013


is fascinating as to exactly what all’s happening in such an eye-opening fashion with a world of possibilities appearing from the other side of the mirror – there’s a vision that keeps whispering to me that it’s all right there and it’s all right here and then again everything’s right inside of me – and that’s where i find myself at my best having traveled well away from where and what’s typically played by the many yet for me never did work – so on i travel with a glint in my eye, a vim and a vigor in every step and a great awakening in every single thread of my spirit – and it feels fantastic

when i rise it’s with the most loving of thanks to God given that’s what life is when we finally see very little else really ever matters – the gift is in leading life from within my heart out to the world as it always returns even when it seems it’s over as if there’s nobody listening – on the contrary hearing our thoughts and feelings let alone our words and our very conscience is always happening as the world’s always listening, both the one we can see and even more so the one we cannot – that’s the other side, that’s where everything’s possible, that’s God –

from there comes the perfect home in aspen with another on amelia island just the same as the life where my wonderful parents have not a concern in the world as everything is simply and elegantly just taken care of for them – and then there’s the gem of the nearly son of mine where we live with the best of friendships as i lead as the best father i can be – and then there’s the travel happening all over the world leading me to all those i’ve been so blessed to inspire through the gift of reaching out, writing and speaking about the gift of living life at godspeed – and then there’s the rhythm i live and love in making music with all of my friends – and in it all’s an amazing love with an amazing woman at my side where the love’s neverending as is the only way i’ve ever known it to be in my heart for all those who have ever loved me – for and from this life for which i can feel it all thriving as if it already is i have nothing but love – and as it is with all that is the good, the better and the greater i gratefully say thank you God – wishing you all God’s every grace and blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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