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a new leaf…

January 1, 2014


turning over’s a feeling and a sentiment familiar to the many of us i might imagine especially given the date on the calendar – yet it’s a far more intrinsic notion as to knowing who we are, where we are and where we’ve been in this ever-fascinating & precious journey we’ve been given called life as to indeed knowing where we are headed – and that’s when it gets good with the days of wavering and uncertainty instantly a distant memory of the past and in their place the days of light and destiny clearly in the making – reflecting back to earlier years I know I already knew what I knew about knowing very well who i am yet somehow i let it nearly drift all away, but by the grace of God an image and a sound and a feeling at the very core always remained – and that’s what’s made an immeasurable and invaluable difference these past 2 years in laying the foundation for the greatest gains I’ve ever made spiritually and emotionally which has led me directly to receiving an unyielding vision unlike I’ve ever had before –

and this is where it’s all already happening as quite amazingly these words I’ve been given are now finding their way step by step all across the world – and that’s just the beginning with many wonderful developments arriving hereafter with the opportunity to share the newly conceived mid-life academy at the forefront – the mid-life academy is something I had never planned yet I now know is my calling and my privilege in helping the so many richly-deserving people out there seeking true happiness in their relationships and meaning in life when everything is seemingly so far astray or lost – hope, healing and inspiration is what so many of us are needing and that is exactly where God has led me to serve in the best way I know how, and so it shall be – so I say with the utmost sincerity thank you to one and to all who have ever read these words, I hope you have found the silver linings and carry on celebrating every golden thread in your life all the while – please stay tuned for further details and feel free to send me your questions – with kindest regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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