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so where am i…

January 3, 2014


is a question you likely may never have guessed you would end up arriving at in life – and even more daunting is the question of how did i end up with them and why are they so not the person that makes me happy? – and that’s what happens for many people precisely as we’re landing in a season we call the mid-to-late 30’s – and then what? – it’s right exactly here where we believe we’re seeing just perfectly as to what’s happening and we begin to feel an overwhelming drive to make a change – unfortunately the change we believe is needed with such a fierce intensity typically is entirely off course, i.e. we’re most often dead wrong – and it’s because right at the time we feel so passionately that we’re finally seeing everything for what it is is nearly always the very moment when we’ve become blind – the good thing is you’re not to blame and neither are they, in fact no one really truly is and therein lies the very secret to recovery and indeed to making greater strides and gains and measures of balance in our lives unlike ever before – and how satisfying for the soul it truly is when such clarity begins to take on a life of its own – for what you’ll find is direction begins to guide you from within your heart far and away from the massively errant measures of sweeping and destructive emotions born out of negativity in the mind –

this is where it comes down to just the 2 paths you can take – the one of pointing the finger and finding anything and anyone to hop on your bandwagon and the one of gazing right into that mirror and remembering where you both began and how amazing it felt and taking the leap of faith of belief that this exact place is where you can and will arrive at again with the one you once called the love of your life – in rare circumstances does it ever end up better and greener on the other side by running and abandoning the one you came to fall in love with along with nearly everything and everyone in this once very happy life – it’s a lie from the mind in pain and so much of the vitriolic self-serving, destructive and cancerous cultural influences invading our every moment when we let them in this era of 24/7 exposure – and it’s making for quite the lousy picture – so here you are and you’re feeling i’m out of my mind and have zero clue what’s happening in your life yet i do, far greater than you might ever imagine possible and it’s because we all without exception live our lives from the same playbook of guiding and very often highly misguiding psychology – we all began in childhood and we all got what we got – some of us got a lot of the very good, the better and the greater – and then there’s the so many of the rest of us and depending on what you had is exactly why you are where you are – and herein begins a journey to either a far more peaceful life or one of even greater chaos – it’s your decision and yours alone – the very good thing is that by the grace of God and the many amazing people who have taught and empowered me so well i can now most certainly help you just as i was led to help myself – and that’s where the midlife academy begins – with kindest regards in that you see God’s every blessing in your life ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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