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January 11, 2014


arrives the question for the many of us with the first real week of the new year just coming to a head – and for some of us we may still be feeling all of the collective weight of the entire year that just was: the good, the bad and the ugly, everything – and that’s just not going to fly if you have any intention at all of this year being one of timely accelerated blessings telling the story of your life – and remember you’re the one writing it, every sweet step of it and likewise every exhilarating breakthrough when all else other than failure seems imminent – and this is where you may find just as I did that taking a hard left from the straight and narrow of a lifetime of running on autopilot is an absolute must – for you see what happens before that left is that the many of us come to see life and it’s series of events from one day to the next in a pattern of exactly what we learned in childhood without ever departing from that limited and deeply-embedded blinder-driven view – when in fact what we should be asking ourselves all along the way is this life-changing and incredibly liberating question: what might i not be seeing that if  i change the way i perceive things will be to the great collective benefit of everyone around me? – this then becomes the very instant, the defining moment, when everything begins to massively shift into the fast lane of what it is that we desire and what it is that truly matters as it lines up with what it is we have indeed been gifted with by God –

in other words we can claw and fight our way around this life day-in and day-out and end up spinning in circles effectively wearing ourselves thin chasing all that is not ours or we can try it another way – and that’s the way of flying with faith, faith in a vision of clarity clearly seeing our life and everything that we know in our heart of hearts is ours for the having and then simply getting out of our own way and having it – so go ahead and give it a go and begin asking good questions of the world by way of God and see what happens, see how the light simply arrives as the answers just appear – and when you do and when that first answer just comes I believe what you’ll find is you’ll forever be changed for the far better finally living the life that’s already quite elegantly been written as yours – with the kindest regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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