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the dancing lights…

February 4, 2014


in all of the pretty people to the right and to the left upstairs and down laughing and sad just the same come together in the most fantastic and ever-cascading array of seemingly endless smiles – some are very readily available and some need a helping hand yet all are there seeking the same thriving spirit that for the many often only ever comes with a well-developed conversation – and that’s where it all opens up wider than we typically ever realize once we finally reach inside finding ourselves as can only ever truly be discovered in first finding God – and in the most elegant of simplicity discovering God is quite as simple as feeling the very warmth of love in our heart as in every way that is God – it’s a feeling truly far greater than that of any other – it’s a voice resonating without sound as everything of a guiding light in a constant ease that’s impossible to find in running after any other worldly delights – 

yet it’s perfectly fine and i dare say critically enlivening in bandying about in the dance with the rest of the world – for it’s here with the grace of godspeed we create with others so much of what tells the story of our lives in the way of breathing life into the gifts we’ve all been so graciously blessed with – so as we set off in the early days of the new year with just the beginning of february upon us i find it better than ever in walking the line in living all the way alive – and to me this means setting forth on every path i travel with sincerity and warmth sharing spirited laughter in rhythm seeking to set a smile upon every face with an everlasting happiness all with the sole desire to give of what has been so richly given to me – following from there’s the intention in my vision in simply being everything of the inspiration and blessing i can be to my every brother and sister in this wide and wonderful world – wishing you the kindest regards and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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