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it’s the feeling…

February 10, 2014


that takes flight yet so many of us so much of the time seem to be sliding, skidding and effectively kidding ourselves from one day to the next helplessly hoping something excellent will simply happen – ladyluck visits the few and the rest of us are left more or less shafted, right? – to listen to the countless voices careening into our lives every day and seemingly in every way imaginable we hear that it’s just not fair and that someone should do something about it, maybe we can even vote someone into office that’ll magically do it all for us – and where does that get us? – absolutely nowhere and in reality actually farther behind than when we even began listening to whichever voice that was –

i used to feel the same way and it was amazing how ginned up i could get in getting my passion around something or someone that had zero value in my life yet there i was ever so blindly right along with the rest of the crowd telling me they felt the same way – we must have been onto something, i just knew it – and then nothing came and time was lost and spirits were sapped – for you see we were all fooling ourselves day after day and then year after year – and then the wheels began coming off in so many ways with them all debilitating, painful and destructive – yet by the grace of luck as i once thought it was something began to click and i heard a voice, and that voice told me many things with a resolve and a surety that sometimes paralyzed me with a fiercely sudden awakening – i came to understand that luck didn’t have 4 letters but instead found it to be 3 and then 2 more after that – for what i found was that it all began, it all carries on and indeed it always all comes to be in the God inside of me, the God inside of you and indeed the very same God inside of us all – right there and then’s the very moment i realized the only direction i’d ever follow again and it’s made every difference in every way – there’s a pace and a peace in the faith in knowing all that we can imagine can and does folllow which leaves but the 1 question – what’s your vision? – with the warmest of regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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  1. scott permalink
    February 11, 2014 2:25 pm

    did you write this before or after we talked lat night?

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