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breathing it all in…

February 19, 2014


sometimes means drawing a difficult breath or 2 in recapturing the composure you thought you previously had until something came in to your world simply flooring you – and when it happens if you’re not aware of what to do and that you’re headed for a ten-count that’ll surely level you then it’s high time to see the light – and what’s so wonderful is coming to discover that the light’s always lit from within – as in there’s a way when the wicked and worrisome words come flying in with the sole intent of taking you out to sap the strength entirely out of the words instead – whether they’re from another or from within words and feelings most certainly are always in our hands for the having giving way to our always being in control and never the other way around – that’s what the many of us may never have truly realized yet it’s absolutely the truth – it’s trick #1 in that the many of us are at best left wondering how do they do it, how do they seem to stay so unphased in the face of adversity? – 

and herein lies the gift in understanding how we see everything from within in our imagination and what that leads us to feel every time without fail – for you see whatever it is we’re seeing in reality it turns out is in no way any match for the power in what we decide to see from within – in the imagination in comes an image, any image we’re given and far more importantly any image we select to see, even in the face of seemingly the most upsetting of realities – it’s entirely about the mindset and from there the emotions always flow – the mechanism that determines how we feel’s the instant-fire conncection in what we see inside to the central nervous system, and by the grace of God that’s simply how it is – and the very moment any of us comes to rise up in this newfound strength in being the one always in control you’ll know all at once you’ve arrived – you’ve arrived because simply enough the one in control’s always the one completely in control of the environment and effectively everything and everyone in it, and that my friends is the place to be – 

so when life turns to less than lovely and especially anything far from it know that it’s entirely in you to see exactly what you’ll see inside in that wild and wonderful thing we call the imagination – as it’s been so elegantly stated long ago “…you’ve heard of the french nation and you’ve heard of the british nation, this is the imagination…” and it’s best to live there, permanently – so the very next time anything’s beginning to get the better of you simply and quickly drift away from it and in its place slide in an image of one of the happiest memories you can recall and you’ll see and feel you’re the one in control as you physiologically cannot feel upset and happy at the same time, it’s one or the other – deciding what you see leads to what you feel which means you get to give the meaning to everything in your life and that gives you the winning hand every single time – with the kindest of regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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