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the wayward son…

February 22, 2014


are the words that i heard just earlier and right there and then it happened – all at once i could see there were only the 2 roads to be taken, one or the other – and in lightning-fast fashion all of the pain and anguish of these past several years created a vision of discouragement, disappointment and the most cutting hurt imaginable, all effectively from the one stinging word – yet this time it was different all by the amazing grace of God and an in-an-instant all-encompasing awareness of everything that’s been learned in my both finding and setting every meaning in this wonderful thing we call life –

so there it was this sudden and entirely unexpected condemnation yet this time by my receiving design it altogether missed its target and landed here instead as a blessing to be had by all – in the past a reply equally as disparate and destructive would have certainly made its way all the way to the tip of the tongue if not entirely off and out into the world of words heard spoken – and in this matter they would have most certainly been words accomplishing absolutely nothing other than tearing away at anything good – yet not this time thankfully by the guiding hand of God and the following return to at least a semi-conscience recognition of just how devastating of a feeling that was lying in wait ready to completely floor me – and that’s never happening ever again as it’s a pain undeserving for anyone – so given the precision expediency of a mainly distant yet still everpresent self-destructive early-age programming to defend to a fault there i was actually beginning to very lightly yet needlessly ask questions as to the word so said and said so casually and then it happened – in an area when the signal never’s anything less than 100% solid out it went followed by the real connector in this friendly 1-2 combination from God as my smartphone then lost its wits entirely both freezing and shutting down and off altogether – and what a favor that was

and there i had it, exact timing a la the elegance of godspeed even in the most fleeting of exchanges – in the way i see it it was the perfect delay of time giftwrapped specifically for me to regather my senses of everything the better that i’ve learned and gained so greatly by in these past 3 years, and so it was – in an instant out came seven letters put together with the cruelest of effect in sending forth the word wayward, a word that should never be heard by a son from a father even if only in jest – then just several minutes later with the perfect interruption having happened the conversation began anew and only the good, the better and the best flowed from one word to the next back and forth, just the way i designed it to be – and this my friends is where the upper hand always lies, right there at the top of your very own mind – just a few fast years ago if i’d read these words i’ve just written i’d’ve said whatever as i was still entirely imprisoned in the confines of the lesser mind – now as i focus on staying above the fray leading my mind with the supernatural strength of God to take care of everything i cannot life’s become so much more of a stroll on the loveliest of afternoons through the most beautiful of pristine lakeside parks – so the very next time you find these really bizarre and strangely-timed coincidences interfering with your day simply smile and let them, then look in, look up and say thank you – wishing you the kindest of regards and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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