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the sound of angels…

February 24, 2014


was never even a whisper of anything in my imagination and if it ever had been it couldn’t have come anything close to the amazingly overwhelming feeling of the presence of love as it came in to our lives just yesterday morning – at a time when an undeserving question may be in some of the congregation’s minds as to the merit or the readiness of the son to take over the pastoring for the father it felt absolutely beautiful to be completely enraptured in the presence of the holy spirit on this wonderful sunday morning – as if hearing God speak to me so emphatically and lovingly as to the vital essence of my now running into the living reality of the beautiful vision i’ve been given wasn’t enough, this time there was an added measure unlike anything i’d ever experienced in my life before – it was such an unususal and captivating feeling literally taking me over as if a transfusion of an already awakened and lively soul had arrived leaving me with an entirely new and limitless energy all throughout every precious droplet of blood in my being – and in it came this time not with the conscience-rattling roar of the resting lion as it was late last summer yet rather this time it was with the softest and sweetest of voices in a loving everpresence that was simply as stunning as it was invigorating – 

so there we were all taking in the beautiful singing and brimming musicianship of a young traveling minister and it began to happen not only for me but also for my most exceptionally loving partner as well as we’d come to discover in conversation afterward – at first i thought for sure a few people were praying the same singular prayer in softly speaking the name of Jesus as i glanced this way and that way in the direction of the calling yet seeing no one moving their lips other than to the set words of the song being sung, and that threw me – so into my own prayers i returned and then i heard even more of these most elegantly understated voices ever so gently calling Jesus and Jesus is and again while still hearing them i looked around rather swiftly to find the ones so praying and again i saw no one – and then it happened as it was at this time something came over me in an instant all at once as so amazingly happens in the gift of being guided in the holy spirit as i was told these beautiful voices i was now hearing with an ever-increasing strength were indeed angels, my angels and everyone around me’s angels just the same – and with that revelation came a most wonderful smile with gathering tears as a witness to faith being met with the vivid here and now of my reality – it’s already such a welcoming love just to be inside such a heartwarming sanctuary and then to have God and his angels literally take you by the hand speaking and singing to you? – that’s altogether priceless

i’ll always remember this invaluable gift of being given these many minutes of spiritually overflowing strength as further resounding confirmation of having God as the only guide i’ll ever need – He is the guide to everything that is right and good that is to be in reaching the gathering reality of every dream and vision i’ve ever been given – and so it is today as i carry on from what some see as wayward to what i know in the greatest depths of my soul as instead being perfectly forward – it’s been a rather long and winding road in coming to the light that i’m now being led by yet every minute of it’s been well worth it as this is a light brighter than any other and this is the light i am now being led to lead by – and lead i will as best i may in sharing the gifts i’ve been so richly given on every path i travel with every soul i touch leading them to greater meaning, happiness and inspiration with everything good in their lives – and for it all as with everything i say to God thank you – with the kindest regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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