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the morning greeting…

February 27, 2014


in every way’s at the very pinnacle of critical vitality as we open that first eye even if only half way – because we’re all at least somewhat aware of the very odd and exceptionally amazing world we’re in when we’re asleep it’s all the more important to arrive in the land of the awakened with our firmly having the upper hand – and that happens with the very first thoughts we have as they are what leads to feelings as well as to words spoken – and from there what so many are often so painfully blind to ever realize is that it’s this very first moment in the new day when we have the golden opportunity to set our sail as to the where and the what and the whom we’ll be letting in – in other words you me and we all effectively stand at the helm of what can be the most amazing symphony of creativity, harmony and fulfilling happiness or we can effectively decide that we’re a well under-appreciated roadie picking up after some has-been nordic death metal band after an oudoor performance in a cold and teeming rain on the other side of the world far from home – both of these realities are already happening somewhere in this wide and wonderful world just waiting for your arrival which leads to the life-changing question which one do you prefer to be living in?

of course both ends of this highly evident extreme are meant to draw a hopefully rather vivid picture of everything that is possible in our lives as we all whether we realize it or not are indeed the conductors of our lives and it all begins inside – it’s inside of our minds as to where it all begins and it’s right from the very breath breathing life into the words we decide to say that then leads the world we cannot see to begin to gather everything together that we’re already deciding is ours for the having – from there by the grace of God and a driving determination to arrive in the reality of what’s already the world we have in our mind comes the breakthrough – and the breakthrough is where everything the good the better and the great in our vision begins to appear as the manifesting minutes from one to the next – and this is where it gets really amazing as we come to see that we do indeed get what we design and seek so long as an everpresent faith and thankfulness leads the way – from there all bets are off as to what’s possible as you’ll never return to where you were before you believed enough to see that it’s all up to you – so the very next time you awaken before you even think a single thing you’d do very well to thank God for your health and for this wonderful life he’s given you then thank him for all of the gifts you’ve been so graciously and generously gifted with as well as thanking him for all of the loving people in your life – speak this out loud, loudly, then rise fully alive with a smile in your heart just the same as the one on your face then go have the day and the joyful life that you know is yours – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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