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you can’t just leave…

March 2, 2014


as it’s rarely ever the way to the higher life where everything’s just magically so amazingly better as if you’ve found a permanent penthouse in fantasyland – it’s not fair to the soul you once said yes to with all of your heart that you’ll be there with them through the good times and even more so those times the lesser, as they’re the times when you really need one another – it’s these times that it’s tantamount in truly realizing you have something so special between the 2 of you in the most intrinsically loving fashion that no other lover will likely ever have – only the 2 of you can lift one another up like no other in a return to the favored grace of better days, that gift being one of the most essential pillars there’ll ever be in the family of we 2 – without it it’s all an effective rouse with an inevitable crushing end that’s unbelievably difficult to ever completely recover from for either of you whether you’re the runner or the one left in the dust – simply said this situation’s entirely fitting of 2 simple words with the 1 beginning with an f and the 2nd ending with a p, and the sadder thing still is that the runner already knows it and still takes off – that right there should tell the runner that there’s also something very wrong with them and possibly well more wrong than whatever it is they’re blaming the once most wonderful love of their life for – 

what’s so crazy about it all is that it’s a 2-way street and it began from way before the 2 of you ever met back in your early life as a child as you were given everything good and everything bad that you presently carry on with – think otherwise? – trust me your blind everything the same as i was before i was gifted the greatest pain i previously never had imagined i or anyone could feel – and yes i’ve been massively blessed in countless ways in the nearly 3 years since my world was thrown away and i’m beyond words in gratitude for them all nonetheless i’d never wish it upon anyone to have to pick up the pieces in such an agonizing fashion as it’s not fair, it makes no good sense and it really really hurts – and then there’s the runner and the devastating flight they’ve just stepped onto – maybe for a day and maybe even for a year it’ll feel like you did the right thing and for very few for obvious reasons that’s the case whereas for the other 90% of the rest of you you’ll come to see it’s not the lite brite life in the way that you thought it was going to be – that’s the killer of a breakdown in the way of the mid-life crisis in the hostage you’re effectively willingly made before you begin to hopefully realize the 52 pick-up house of cards you’ve been chasing after is an illusion, even better said a delusion – 

so if you’re unfortunately at that place in life and here you are reading this no matter what position you’re in please trust me after intensive years of self-discovery and much needed widely eye-opening enlightenment from many sources far smarter, wiser and accomplished than me, i can most assuredly tell you there’s hope, there’s a way and there’s most definitely an immeasurable reward felt in the very depths of the soul when you finally admit there’s something wrong within you – and when that life-changing moment happens it’s right here that you absolutely have to reach out to those who can guide you in understanding what it truly is and how to bring real resolution and a return to the good, the better and the best version of yourself and then to the 2 of you just the same – you owe it to the loving covenant that once very happily led you before you forgot that love is what you do for one another and not simply a rush of feelings sending you this way that way and the other – you’re the one leading this parade, not your upset mind – so find it in your heart to lead with your soul, see with a vision and have the faith the 2 of you can and will be very happy once again – don’t give up, don’t give in and never ever fool yourself into the myth of the far greener grass in starting over – ask anyone never given the option and they’ll all tell you it’s very far from anything easy – see the best in what you already have with the one you already have it with, feel the best about it all and you’ll surely arrive in living everything the best once again – with the kindest of regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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