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a letter for my aunt…

March 4, 2014


coming purely from the heart leads my thoughts & feelings on this picture-perfect florida afternoon – you see she’s quite the wonderful woman and rather regrettably so after 22 years i’m not sure if i’ve ever properly shared my feelings with her as to just what an amazing lady she is – so there i was smiling in my every minute in such an unexpectedly joyful time in my life absolutely head over heels in love with her exceptionally vibrant, perfect and beautiful niece, and that’s how we met – my aunt and uncle had a preciously precocious little boy and their beloved niece as what effectively were 2 of their 3 kids living with them at the time in 1992, with the 3rd being my uncle’s brilliant little daughter living up north – it was certainly a modern family yet it was a family as loving as any other i’ve ever known, and what a pleasure it was to be there with them all – of course from time to time we quite wrongly had our misplaced opinions on how people nearly 40 years old could not know as much as the 2 of us at 22 & 19, lololol and l! – thankfully we eventually came to realize, appreciate and love them even more for their generous and caring wisdom in addition to their many other strengths  – we were always treated with such a welcoming and heartfelt embrace that was made that much the better at the wonderful sound of laughter and lightheartedness that always seemed to lead the way every time we got together with them – as well my aunt’s always known her way very well around the kitchen to the delight of our appetites as we were so fortunate to enjoy so many delightful holiday meals with them throughout the years at their home – at one point in time they had a wonderful idea for us all to build a company together which unfortunately fell on my still very hard-headed and effectively deaf ears – i hope they know these many years on that i now see the great compliment it was for them to think of us in that way yet it just wasn’t to be – i hope they also know if i could i would erase any and every one of the steadfastly stubborn opinions i errantly voiced with them far too many times – i am so sorry back then i didn’t better understand the gifts i’ve been given and the greatest gift i could’ve been more readily giving in simply letting others be themselves and further celebrating the good that was always there for the having –

my aunt and uncle have had well more than their fare share of disappointments, maladies and undeserving tragedy of the kind no parent should ever have to endure in the crushing heartache in losing their only child together in a needless accident at the hands of an oblivious driver just 2 years ago, and again if i could i would erase it all away in one fell swoop – they are both very good people and i pray to God and believe their best days to yet still be ahead of them given they are only barely 60-ish which leads me to seeing them as mere kids compared to my unbelievably miraculous wwii veteran-friend who just turned 90 this past Christmas eve – it’s one thing to have made it to 90 and altogether another in being so amazing as to still be vigorously walking 3 miles or more every day with a wit and a personality that beats nearly us all –

aunt nancy and uncle ken it’s my honor to have you as my aunt and uncle and no unsought-after lack of formality in a paperwork relationship with my michigan family will ever change that – please know you are in my thoughts every day everything the same as you’ve been in my heart for these past 22 years – when i quiet all of the sometimes far too many painful thoughts in my mind ever so quietly enough by the grace of God i can still hear us all sitting down and laughing and carrying on having the most wonderful time as if it was all just yesterday in dunedin, in ponte vedra beach, on the lake michigan shoreline in southaven or even on michigan avenue in downtown chicago, i’ll always treasure those memories – life can certainly be a mystery at times as to all of the unanswered whys yet what is crystal clear is how much i have immeasurably gained over the years in having you both in my life – one day we will all sit down together again with unending smiles, the happiest of laughter and a simply wonderful time being had by all – from the bottom of my heart i say thank you to both of you for being just perfect exactly the way you are, i wouldn’t have it any other way, i love you – wishing everyone God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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