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when i close my eyes…

March 6, 2014


leads to the memories surrounding an excellent song nearly titled the same by a band everything as excellent we all knew as night ranger – and what a band they were as they simply pervaded the best of rock radio in the early to mid 1980’s with an entire set of top-shelf titles that left their audience in a frenzy – as for that exact song when you close your eyes the question then came do you dream dream about me? to which the feeling was immediate and exceptionally heartfelt – night ranger had an exquisite way about them in leading their listeners into truly feeling they were indeed right there with them living these stories as they were being sung, and it’s just not the typical band that can line so aptly into the hearts and minds of their listeners, yet they did – 

so where that presently leads me is into the very modality of how i’ve been enlightened to now lead life in fact leading from the heart and from their to the mind where i’ve come to discover i always have the reigns, and that’s a very good thing to say the least – when i close my eyes all at once i arrive all in an instant in the place of places where it’s all possible as i can only hear the one i look upto in the voice of God – in that place i can only feel completely at ease in the most serendipitous simpatico where it’s all happening with a grace and a love unending – from there i see all of the wonderful faces i’m so grateful to love and look forward to pleasing and making proud of me – it’s a beautiful blessing in and of itself to have them all so close in my life and that much more of an added blessing in being able to see them all smiling at me with the most joyful of happiness every time i simply close my eyes – and then ever so suddenly the picture changes again from there with the arrival of one more guest – this great friend happily strides in on cue at my now very new request as inspired by the beautiful words of one matthew mcconaughey just this past sunday evening as he delivered his very heart and soul in speaking of his overwhelming gratitude for God being the only one at the source of the many pinnacle blessings that continue to write the days of his life – in this same speech he spoke of effectively what is his triad that keeps him centered thankful and living life to its absolute fullest for the benefit of all those around him in his world – 

matthew looks up to God in great love and thankfulness, he looks forward to pleasing his closest loved ones recognizing an immeasurable love that is always returned in kind and thirdly he seeks to rise even higher in fully giving of the God-given gifts he has been blessed with in the way of chasing his future self ten years ahead of where he presently is – he does this knowing he will never catch that man yet also knowing in great pleasure he will continually be ascending in becoming and truly being all that he can be which has taken him very far already as a man not even yet 50 – so as goes matthew i now travel the very same in every way seeing in my prayers my far more polished and lavishly accomplished self 10 years out from now, and it thrills me – it’s already lifting me ever higher in the very spirit in how i’m leading my days knowing at the end of the day i’m no longer saying i’ll have to do that but rather saying that i did, and that’s definitely the place to be – with it’s also coming my vision now being met with far greater traction in the rising reality of living my dreams, far greater strength in getting there and a far greater smile all the while feeling godspeed literally speeding up at the very hands of God himself – and that’s what i’m all about in this once very unsettling and now purely amazing new season in my life – my wings are now wide open and ever the ready for what’s already beginning to be the greatest flight of my life well beyond anything i’ll ever imagine, and for it all as always i say thank you God! – with the kindest of regards wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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