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some of the sweeter words ever said…

March 10, 2014


to me came on a day of a greater spiritual awakening that suddenly began and steadily ran much in the fashion of a nearly runaway coaster careening about this way that way and the other terrifying and thrilling one in the same, and then came sunday – however let’s first press play on saturday rediscovering the wonderful way of the world when we simply and quietly get out of our own way in letting God have his instead – so there i was and in came the morning and in just a few words gone went the serenity of what could have been and should have been an altogether different story – as it can be sometimes i find myself so overwhelmed with happiness i can’t seem to notice if someone else may be feeling everything the opposite and then something so friendly and lovingly said finds that someone else presently heavy-minded and the 2 worlds collide – the one’s letting the weight of the world and everything suffocating sap the very life out of them and the other being me’s letting it all go running at godspeed inviting in all of the lifting and gifting light of God’s way and again then it happens –

in the scoring it’s very clear that i had the right mind and then i crossed paths with the one that didn’t yet it wasn’t their fault, it was mine – in the way of realizing the endlessly amazing and invisible way of the world in that God ultimately delivers what we seek every single time without fail, that’s exactly what happened here as well – yes i had it right right up until i found another suffering and then with just the one far less than friendly trip from them i in turn let go of all of the good in what i had letting in the purely self-destructive and entirely useless emotion of feeling offended, and i let it take over – and then i became defensive in the light of how dare anyone talk so scathingly to me with my being the one being so friendly – where i made my fatal mistake was then foregoing drawing that larger and leading circle of love around them knowing they so clearly needed it in the most dire way and instead letting the very powerful emotion of self righteousness win out thereby collapsing us both – and all that happened from that instant forward was their getting madder and my becoming suddenly too loud and equally as attacking as what i was undeservingly met with –

thankfully in recent years i’ve come to learn to let the lighter way lead in every moment yet i’m merely a man in a steadfast endeavor to get it better and give it much better than that every day and in this situation i fell down – fortunately i returned rather quickly in reaching back inside my soul to where everything’s all only wonderful and with that came out a relaxing air of loving compassion and the giving light of understanding with all of the proper humility right there on my sleeve and guess what? – my entire world immediately shifted right back to where i originally was, it was just like flipping the channel from the metal straight to the symphony – and from there i set about off to my first appointment with a newly delivered and very dramatically played-out lesson reminding how we always get what we give and how it’s always up to us to set forth on every path we travel with every soul we touch carrying that loving spirit – so i arrived at my first appointment and with it came such a grand exclamation to put the finishing touch on my just-having-happened morning lesson as the most wonderful words were spontaneously spoken about me in front of several others about how welcoming, encouraging and friendly of a person i am – it was exactly the tonic i didn’t even realize i was in need of after the initially quite upsetting morning i’d allowed myslf to be dealt – her words were so uplifting and so validating and so lovingly said that i was lead to the most grateful and further redeeming tears just as soon as i left their company –

and that’s the way of the world when we’re living in it at godspeed completely leaving out anything the lesser whether that’s the toxic mindset of another or the very same in our own wayward and equally toxic negative emotions trying to floor us – in this place leading life from the heart we’re always able to receive every blessing as Tracy’s wonderful words certainly were and from there everything the good the better and the far greater is ours for the having – yet all it takes to miss it all is one bad trip right into the land of hell in a handbasket as so many seem to reside in far too much of the time – so there you have it as it is what it is and it always will be – so what will it be for you today? – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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