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March 14, 2014


answer the call of a lifetime that’s never before been anything even close to the soul-flying feeling that’s now completely pervading every thread in my being – in every way it’s been an absolutely amazing journey in arriving at the beginning of the rest of my life – many of the days leading me into this wonderful new season were indeed full of exciting travel into seemingly countless destinations across the continent with the one time even finding us arriving all the way across the world right at the very foundation of the eiffel tower itself – walking down it with my father seeing this spectacular metropolis from such an exceptionally unique vantage point’s a memory that’ll forever be with me – as well many of the days were full of laughter and happiness with a zeal and a zest for life led by the irish blood that leads the bond between us all as a family – some of the greatest memories of all of that wonderful laughter came from so many family dinners and celebrations that just went on and on with story after story with many of them even bringing us to tears because we were laughing so hard at times – and then when the extended family’s been there over the years it’s been that much the better yet, thank you uncle jerry! – we were always given so much by our parents and always provided for with every necessity and so many luxuries well beyond that – yes of course everything wasn’t perfect and all that zest and zeal of a household of people drawing their blood from ireland, italy and germany came to a head if not an explosion at times with all the incendiary effect of a blast furnance yet we always seemed to come back to the laughter – so looking back while now being very well aware of some of what’s led to some of the lesser ways and results in my life i nonetheless find i’m now able to focus on all of the good, all of the golden threads that typically wove together the tapestry of my earlier days – and that in turn’s leading me with an everpresent knack for finding the silver lining in everything and in every day i’m so blessed to be gifted with – 

as dr. wayne dyer so aptly now tells of the ladder in life we all have been given i find myself in lockstep with every single rung of it as i am living with a fierce willingness to lovingly share every gift God’s given to me – i further find i’m absolutely determined to lead my every day with the disposition of a purely loving intent in giving my best – everything the same for the first time in my life i am truly in a place of complete fearlessness – and with that fearlessness my heart has further opened wide in being gracefully compassionate with every soul i touch on every path i travel setting a smile upon the face of them all – and with this newly found unwavering faith in being truly at godspeed in my life with the willingness, the determination, the fearlessness, and the compassion all firmly front and center, i’m now finding a far higher meaning to the essence and singular vitality in leading everything that i say and everything that i do with love, unfiltered purely uplifting love – and when there’s love all the good of a lifetime’s there writing your story, and what a magnificent story it is – wishing you all everything the same with the kindest regard and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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