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in the fashion of a saint…

March 19, 2014


i was gifted such a wonderful time this past sunday afternoon – there we were on a day that wasn’t quite yet the 17th as we found our way into a most joyous celebration with all of the spirit of the happiest of receptions – it wasn’t because of anyone of notariety was there with us and it wasn’t because of anything so noteworthy had just been achieved yet something so remarkable was in the air and i’m not even sure if the many of us could even say what it was yet it was there – they say there’s quite the strength of irish blood running throughout at least the half of us in this american land we call the united states – and on this occasion of celebrating the life’s work of the one we call saint patrick who lived so many hundreds and hundreds of years ago we find ourselves in an atmosphere that’s altogether unique – it’s unique in that a foundational heritage so many of us draw upon straight back to ireland herself comes to the forefront in a way that’s uniting to us all whether that blood’s in us or not, at least that’s how it feels to me – it may only be for the day yet when it arrives and even as it’s nearing there is indeed an air about life that simply makes me smile even more than i already am – 

so again there we were myself and the most wonderful little 11-year old girl who is everything of a daughter to me even though i may not be the one she calls dad and together we fell into all of the joyous festivity underway as we approached raglan road – once inside we heard the wonderful sounds of at least a half dozen happy souls directlty from the emerald isle and now on stage playing their hearts out with some of the best music i’ve ever heard as traditional irish song filled the air (think mumford & sons sans the englishmen! lol!) – within mere minutes we were clapping along smiling and stomping our feet with the rest of everyone else and it was just magical – from there our hands were bettered with her now holding a shirley temple and mine with the national irish staple otherwise known as a guinness – just the one to wet the whistle was all the further merriment we needed in this sparkling room of revelers this fine afternoon at the sudden party we’d wound up in – from there a face-painting with a perfect clover and a rainbow to the pot o’ gold became the little one’s new look for the rest of the day – we were both so unexpectedly finding ourselves having quite the wonderful time and then i heard God – 

he said this is what life is all about, treasure these moments of togetherness and remember them always – i could clearly see it in her eyes as well as how she was taking everything in with all the glowing spirit of the old soul she clearly is – how perfect, how absolutely perfect of a time we had – in the 2 short hours the time we had together may have been fleeting yet in the memories of the heart the feeling’s for a lifetime – so in closing i say thank you to my irish ancestors for the beautiful spirit you’ve all set forth in your way of living – to saint patrick i say thank you for the magnificently loving fashion in the way you lived setting the high marker for the generations – to little Chloe i say thank you for sharing your heart so happily as the daughter i never had – and to God as always i simply say thank you for it all – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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