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love is everything…

March 20, 2014


in our lives in every way good bad and indifferent as hopefully we’ll all come to see well before it’s too late – in the way that i see it every day we’re given is indeed a gift and it’s entirely in our hands as to whether we accept it with grace or stare it down with all of the disdain we can hemorrhage from a wayward mind and the bitter tongue that follows – if all you can do is see it the way you see right there in front of you then you’ll live it the very same with much of that likely being quite undesirable – and what a miss that is – for some you’ll keep hanging onto it with the lense that only finds the gray in this life and that’s a sad way to live indeed – yet it doesn’t have to stay the same, not even for a minute as there’s a gift we’ve all been given yet it takes faith it takes faith in creating our lives where the prints are far brighter than they are blue – we’ve all heard some of the lucky sounding stories from others’ lives and if that’s what we hold onto that it was only fleeting luck and that we ourselves just haven’t been so lucky then we’re in for more of woe is me and that’s a bad thing too – and if that’s you then you really need to tune in to this far better frequency and hear for the first time what you may have already heard a thousand times that previously always fell on deaf ears – and what you need to know is this in that life and what may come isn’t random but rather is exactly what you’ve been deciding it’s going to be for you, often times down to the very finest detail – 

for you see what i’ve come to learn from many of those far more enlightened than myself is the complete truth that godspeed is what leads us into our destiny – and it all begins with understanding exactly what godspeed is – i for one have found it to be my shifting into the lane of grace and the far more fulfilling flow of life as lead from the heart which in turn is steadily leading me into the rising reality of living my dreams and vision – yet that grace is only ever found when we first pause long enough to fully recognize, understand and embrace the gifts we’ve been given in this life by the loving hands of our maker God himself – and once you do discover who you truly are and why you’re here you’ll find you’ll begin running to the life you were intended to live from well before you ever drew a single breath – 

it’s never too late as you’ll hear from many of the walking dead dream-stealers that seem to fill our surroundings – what’s further wonderful about all of those propeller-heads is that they’ll nearly if not altogether disappear from your life once you’ve taken over your reigns with your now enlightened perspective – and perspective is everything as you’ll come to find that life a la the guiding hands of God will give you what you seek when it’s in the spirit of who he’s gifted and given you life to be – see that guy right there clearly smiling with a wonderful sense of gratitude so vividly apparent there on their sleeve? – yeah that guy and also that girl right next to him – they’re making a difference in the life they’ve been given and so can you when you see it all with love – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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