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if it’s me reading the signs…

March 26, 2014


then i’ve definitely whipped into the left lane fastly headed north in an upward trek to exactly the destination where i’m needed by far and away the greatest – it seems so many other doors have suddenly found their hinging gear to be altogether locked as nearly everything i’ve been endeavoring in moving forward’s not moving at all – and that i’m coming to realize with a glint in my eye is just fine – it’s a weight i’d taken on for good reasons or so i thought and then i saw the other side where the intention just wasn’t copacetic with what was happening – maybe all isn’t lost in the way of sending favor at every turn i can yet as far as now knowing where and what i’m supposed to be investing in i can now say i really get it and here i am – i still can’t quite understand some of the finer elements of the leading signs for many months now saying, no yelling, go north young man go north to where you began your life! – and i further can’t say if it’s a stop or indeed the destination yet i know in every golden thread of my being that it’s key in my arriving all the way into my destiny – i can’t emphasize to too far of an extent in saying it’s completely vital in that we pay attention with a far greater awareness in what we’re seeing and what we’re hearing and most vitally in what we’re feeling as guided by the holy spirit in this life we’ve been given – if we’re not we’re lost and that’s not the destiny set forth for any of us – rather we’re here for something so much more extraordinary than that of a lesser life – as to where our life so given by the grace of God is lead at its best is said so simply and yet so elegantly in psalm 16:11 you make me known to the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore – and like it was also said so wonderfully in song in the 70’s and just like Jesus himself that’s just alright with me – 

it hasn’t been anything of what i’d say as being an easy journey in finding my peace and indeed finding my place yet i wouldn’t trade it for anything as without it i’d be living in a fool’s paradise – and that’s exactly what happens when we give in and unwittingly and effectively give up on the dreams that were hard-wired into our very presence well before we ever came out, took a look around and started crying – that’s were this life started yet it’s not where we began in the way that i’ve come to see and understand it – finally finding the very essence of who we are and where we’re headed’s well more than an amazing discovery as it’s in fact the beginning of the story of you, the story of me and the story of each and every one of us that’ll be told throughout the ages – yet you have to get there first, you have to get to the beginning – and nothing else matters in coming to this unbelievably liberating awakening as without it we’ll not only carry on holding ourselves hostage to the good, the better and the far greater of our very own compelling and invaluable destiny we’ll also continue on carrying on holding everyone around us hostage everything the same – we simply cannot give of the the gifts we’ve been given when we aren’t being who we know we are at our very best and naturally happiest – naturally happiest being the happiness that comes into our lives when what we’re doing’s a walk in the park even when it may be windy and cold with a heavy wet rain drenching us and everything in sight and we’re still happy, that’s when we know we’re living this life as our life and that’s where we’re at our naturally happiest – and it’s the only place to be – and there’s a ticket that’ll get us there just as soon as we’re ready to say yes, yes to complete fearlessness – as without it we’re forever running in place in a scene that isn’t even ours – and freeing ourselves of fearlessness comes when we simply dare to imagine just how amazing our lives are going to be from that minute forward in deciding to live fearlessly and then taking that very first step into our brilliant new life – so go ahead and look into that mirror and ask that person you see if it’s all good enough the way it is and if you’re good with that for the next 40 or 50 years – if you are then good luck or maybe even congratulations and if you’re not then simply make a decision, make a decision that something far better awaits you right on the other side of that image and know that it all begins from within with the right attitude and the winning mindset that godspeed wins the race every time – not our speed, not society and culture’s speed but godspeed – so see the signs and seek the meaning in simply asking God himself what does it all mean and from there i believe you like i’ve now discovered the same will never look back ever again knowing your best days just began – you ready? – with the kindest regard wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~Image

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